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Seagull (and Patrick and Simon) has a new line of Natural Collection.  They use natural woods and look pretty.  What do people think about this new line and which wood combinations do people like?  Wood combinations are spruce with wild cherry, spruce with heart of wild cherry, and cedar with figured maple. They all look nice and I just ordered the dread spruce with heart of wild cherry.

Also, any comments on the sound?  I will know when I get mine.

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Cool! :-)

Maybe I misunderstood but It sounds like the 5th graders are lucky to have a teacher who can work away from the book. My wife teaches grade 2 and she sings, acts and entertains to make the connections needed. If that's not a performance I'm not sure what is.

Thanks, I can sing but get kids started they can take it away. I try to make things fun, especially on day like Valentines Day, at this age the parties are done but they want to do something on the holiday.

This should say "I can't sing" I need to proof my post.

My daughter likes Taylor Swift...

My new Seagulls are in the house. I love the Natural Elements cedar top dread. Very impressive tone and I can see this becoming my regular out of the case and traveling guitar. I put the pick guard on with no delay. The Maritime HG is incredible to look at. I haven't had a chance to play it much but i am impressed. I really like the high gloss finish and Seagull gets it right. I am going to weigh them both tomorrow as the Maritime seems very heavy compared to the NE. ACEMATE put strap buttons on both at no charge and no anxiety for me.  Very cool!!

Congratulations! I think solid wood weighs more than laminate, yes?
Pics, please... ;-)

Awesome! I should have had ACEMATE put a strap button on mine (Mini Jumbo). I am very pleased with their customer service. The Music Farm already had the button on the Folk.

I have been debating the pick guard. I like the look without, but I know I will end scratching it. The NE takes the cake of my Entourage Parlor or S6. The NE is a sweet guitar.

Second the pics!


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