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Thought I'd drop this in as I am one of many,many new guitarists who got a great start on a Seagull. How about dropping in a note about how you got started playing, maybe some idea of why you decided to learn to play, and anything you you feel like adding....


For me - I've been listening and loving the guitar since I was a kid. Met my wife in high school on a church retreat. I walked into the dorm and there was this beautiful blonde playing guitar, surrounded by a group of other teens. Both the girl and the music got my attention.

Fast forward 35 years....  after an Army career, two kids, and a lot of moves, literally around the world, I found myself a geographic bachelor due to work. Having too much time on my hands, I decided to start that long deferred dream. Did a lot of reading, talked to a guy at a shop - settled on the Seagull S-6 Original as a "good starter" guitar that would take me far beyond being a "starter".

It's been 6 months since that start and I'm making good (sometimes maddeningly slow) progress. Love the guitar, the daily challenge to practice, and the fact that I am actually making music!


Oh yeah, the girl is still with me too!


Grace and peace....



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My interest in guitar began from seeing and hearing groups The Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul & Mary during what was then called the "Folk Revolution" ... I also thought it would be a way to attract girls, LOL.  Once the Beatles hit the USA, I was already playing pretty well and was able to get invites to play in garage bands and eventually to actually make a little pocket money on weekends.  After college, my bandmates scattered and I sort of set the guitar aside and didn't actively play again until about 5 years ago.  I went guitar shopping a couple of months ago with the idea of getting something "really nice" for myself.  I was ready at that moment to spend $700-$800,  so when the store owner set the Seagull S-6 in my lap, he probably lost himself $300-$400 on me.  I was hooked.  The S-6 played so easily and sounded so rich, I bought it immediately.  I still play the older stuff like the Beatles (Norwegian Wood, Let it Be, etc.) and some Neil Young (Old Man, Cowgirl in the Sand) and Allman Brothers (Mellissa) and I have a mean rendition of Runaway by Del Shannon! ... but I'm starting to like some of the newer singer/songwriters I hear on Sirrius radio Coffee House station like Amos Lee and Ray Lamontagne.  My wife told me  I needed a hobby, so getting back into guitar was my choice.  Now, I'm a 1-2 hour per day guy, minimum.  More on weekends.  I think she's happy I'm staying out of her way, LOL.

I hear ya'...I too started out on the Beatle's craze but never got beyond the garage band phase, but did manage to play a few gigs at the local church with our "garage band" on Saturday night Youth Group sessions! Eventually life and work got in the way and I suffered (sic) a 30 year hiatus from music until recently a revelation occured to me: "I'm in my mid 50's, I knew how to play the guitar at one time, and I'm going to re-learn it again, and I don't really care what anybody thinks, because it's all about re-claiming and re-discovering yourself through music and combining it with your life"


Ian ... you know what got me back in the groove was finding a guitar that made me a bette playerr.  I know that sounds sort of corny, but I was making do with a low-grade Epiphone that was okay, but not great.  Once I bought the S-6, I went from playing a couple of hours a week to a couple of hours a night.  I'm playing stuff that  Ithought was impossible before, just because the guitar let's me.  I know ... now I'm just sounding silly.  but, it's ture!
You're not silly. It is emotional as well as technical. If you like the look, feel, and playability of your instrument, you'll play far better.

I'm laying in bed - the wife is asleep - and I'm online here and watching Tommy Emmanuel - Center Stage on DVD. Now playing a Beatles medley! Here comes the sun..

Been working on Here Comes the Sun ... 7th fret capo.  Sweet sound once you start to put it together.


BTW, I did a member search ... there are over 500 members here who list Seagull as one of their guitars in their profile.  And yet, so far only 11 members of the Seagull group.


Oh well, quality over quantity.  :-)


Once the Seagull owners get a little money together, they start dreaming of Martins...;)
My next will be a mahogany Larrivee!
I was thinking Larivee, since I do like the Canadian insturments so far, but sadly, there is not a Larivee to be purchased at any shop within 40 miles of my home near Raleigh, NC.  I checked.
LOL ... you know you might be on to something.
I guess I would have to be considered a new guitar student too.  I've been playing at a banjo for over 30 years and had an old 12-string Ibanez in its case for all that time.  I rarely picked it up.  Last year I was asked to play for a Christmas party and realized I couldn't do it on the banjo so I started picking on the Ibanez.  It was just too much work as the action was a little high.  I found an old Yamaha with 6 strings and pounded out some chords and succesfully got through the party by making the attendees sing louder than the guitar.  Upon taking the Ibanez to my local guitar wizard (luthier) I got an education and sold the Ibanez to a co-worker.  He's happy and so am I.  Now I'm shopping for another 12-string and as luck would have it an M12 pops up in Portland (3 hours away).  Virtually unplayed and been in its case for only 10 years, I had to go look.  I brought her home and took her to the luthier.  He did his magic and now the Seagull gets played more than the banjo.  I'm learning Wildwood Flower, The Banks of the Ohio, and Walk Right In, to name a few and I couldn't be happier.  We use d'Addario Bronze light strings and the tone is simply wonderful.  I may some day try some other strings, but even the luthier agrees that this guitar has an incredibly voice with these strings.  He even passed on replacing the saddle with bone, as he didn't think the overall sound could be improved.  Changed yes, but not improved.  If I ever get around to needing another 6 string, I'll be looking for a Seagull to go with my M12.
I don't consider myself a new player as I've been playing for nearly 20 yrs now.  Over those 20 years I've stopped/started playing over and over again.  Guitar was just something I did as a hobby and my frequency in playing came and went w/ my creative inspiration.  I've had many guitars over the years and have definately outgrown any need for a electric rig (although I do own a set up that never gets played).  I've found that now I'm in my 30's and guitar has become a new and obsessive hobby for me again.  I do credit this to the S6 I've purchased as it is such a pleasure to play.  I've generally considered myself a fingerstyle guitar player and definately have a playing style that is my own.  I'm self taught and am enjoying to continue my guitar education via the online resources and my new S6.  For me the S6 is what helped to bring me back to my old creative outlet and what I could consider to be my new "beginner instrument" as I am definately learning new techniques and relearning all those songs I used to have down cold.

54 next month, but playing for just 3 years. Visiting friends at Christmas time a few years ago, sitting by the fire sipping wine and a guitar came out. No strumming sing-alongs, just nice soft playing while we enjoyed the company. That was the spark for me. My friend suggested I look at Seagull for a good inexpensive instrument.

Long story short, I ended up trading a canoe (!) for an older Simon & Patrick Pro Rosewood. Couldn't play a note, but it was one of the best deals I've ever made. I try to play and learn everyday if possible, even if only 5 minutes to spare. I just added an S&P parlor to my collection (see avatar) and the journey continues...


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