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The all-laminate series that had disappeared from A&L lineup have now resurfaced within the Seagull brand.

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I sent Michel Belanger an email asking what the prices are.  hopefully he can find out.

My first parlor was an early A&L AMI I bought second hand. Never liked the tone of it, then learned it was a lam top (not one of the later "almond" models). I'd sure want to play one of the Grands before I bought it based on that experience. Did not have much love for the S&P parlor either, despite better woods and finish. I'd sure like to try the folk, though.

Anybody else played/heard the A&L version? 

I asked William Jahnkow (new Seagull group member who once owned an Almond) to comment, as he once owned an all-laminate A&L Almond - the link I gave him to here didn't work for some unknown computer reason - so, here is what he said:

"I can say I thought it actually sounded better than my seagull grand , that may be due to the 12th fret to body moving the bridge down the top I can't say . I only sold it because at the time I needed the money and chose the seagull grand because I like to play blues most of the time and like to be able to reach past the 14th fret.

 I felt it was made just as well as the seagull grand and the ply top did not kill the sound at all."

I don't know....looks like an accessory for your Ikea kitchen! I think I'd prefer skulking around pawn and used instrument shops to find that unique "campfire" guitar.

Watch yo' mouf 'bout my kitchen, boy!!  

Still -- pawnshop comment well taken.  Deal changer would be maybe $150-ish street price, with bought-new / same-owner lifetime warranty.  Likely wouldn't cover all sins, but beats getting laughed at in the pawnshop, 10 months later. 


We are discussing the new Seagull Excursion series, which is all-laminate wild cherry - like the A&L Almonds used to be...

  "We   are   were   discussing the new Seagull Excursion series . . . "

What?  You gots a problem wit improvisation?    ;~} 


Nope - that was a response to William's opening sentence - " If you are refering to the A&L AMI..."... ;-)

Yeah, I know. 

Just thought you needed some messing with, y'know? got time on your hands, go argue with me over on that "Epoxied Seagull Necks" thread (or agree ... whatever) :

I guess I could use some "messing with" - I don't get enough at home or at work... ;-)

I did read your post there - and pretty much agree - bolt-on - glued in - bolted and glued - as long as it stays on long enough to make you happy... ;-)


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