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Every time I put on a new set of strings, my Seagull Artist Mosaic seems like it gets a new lease on life! 

I've heard some people say they go for months on a set of strings and I've even heard testimony that there are some who actually prefer the sound of an old set of strings.  Not me!!  For me, happiness is a new set of strings.

For the past few months I've been using John Pearse uncoated phosphor bronze lights exclusively on this particular guitar.  They last me about 3 weeks ... 4 weeks at the outside.  And I can tell almost the minute they go bad.  It's like an expiration date on a milk carton for me!  One day they're doing okay and then the next day, they're dead sounding and I can't get the guitar in tune. 

I get about twice as much life out of the Elixirs the I use on my Martin DCPA-4, but (for me) the cedar/mahogany Seagull Artist just appears to react better to the uncoated strings ...

How about you? 

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Elixirs Polywebs is the way to go they last for years

Never tried the polywebs.  Use the nanowebs a lot.  Elixirs do last a long time, particularly for folks with normal acidity in their perspiration.

But, at any rate, I count myself lucky if my guitars last for years, much less the strings ... :-)

I now have 3 seagulls. The Artist Studio CW has Elixir Nanoweb Bronze lights. At present, I have tried Martin FX Bronze custom light in the Artist Folk, quite good, but I guess, when these are gone, it is Elixir Nanoweb Bronze custom lights again (don't have to change so often). The SWS Minijumbo has Martin's silk and bronze, but they are too soft, so I guess it will be either Martin FX Bronze or Elixirs.

The price to use Elixirs and Martin FX Bronze is here about the same. You get about 3 sets of Martin FX for the price of Elixir, but the Elixirs last about 3 times longer.

One gadget, which is worth its price (about 20 € here, and 20 $ in the US) is Ernie Balls Power Peg. Speeds string change dramatically. If you have 3 guitars, 2 banjos and 3 mandolin family instruments (4 in September), you can appreciate that.


Have you tried any of the string cleaners that are on the market?  Your sweaty hands might be contributing to a shorter string life.  Cleaning after each use might give you more time on the string set.


I use "Fast Fret", a mineral oil concoction in stick form like a deodorant ... and try to wipe the strings down after each session, but frankly when you play an average of 1-2 hours every day, you're going to go through some strings regardless ... :-)

I used to use Fast Fret, found for me it made little difference I have to change them every 3-4 weeks for coated string most of the year. More often in summer. Uncoated strings last me maybe a week or two at the most. Fast Fret just kept the strings shiny, but they still went dead.

The Dr Dragon skins have been OK but always wanting to experiment so

going to give the Elixir's a try for the next change, just need to decide on nanoweb or polyweb

Yeah, I don't think Fast Fret does much to add to string life ... just makes the strings a little slicker and easier to maneuver on.  Guess that's why they named it Fast Fret :-)

Just simply keeping a dry cotton cloth handy to wipe the strings after every couple of songs appears to be about the most effective way to delay corrosion (for me.)

The analogy in my mind is that if Nanoweb coating is like spray paint, Polyweb coating is like a glove, if that makes any sense.

I've never tried Polywebs, but my impression is that the coating is much thicker than Nanowebs, but that it tends to begin to "shred/fray" at a certain point leaving the string feeling and appearing "fuzzy" ... like I say though, this is just from hearing other opinions.  I'd love to hear your opinion after giving Polywebs a try.

Dang local shop is having one of their many annual clear-outs they seem to have every few months.

Their wall of strings was mostly empty, none of my normal Dr's, a few Martin Lifespans, and a few Elixir  nanowebs. So I picked up a nanoweb phosphor bronze light take it for a test run.

They are about 1/3 more expensive than the Dr. Dragon Skins, maybe the coating works better that the Dragons.

I'm with you Jud I change strings every 4 weeks. I use D'Addario lights which I buy in 10 packs it comes to just under $5 a pack. I use a Washburn string string cleaner but after about 4 weeks the strings leave black marks on my fingers.

I probably should start buying strings in bulk ... the only trouble is that I like to use string purchases as my excuse to drop by the shop for an hour or so and play all the high-end guitars on the wall!  Guess I need to decide on my priorities, LOL.


I am kinda of partial to the Martin SP light.

Does anyone use those on thier Seagull?

I got some sets free at a Martin Clinic, but gave them to my son.  Haven't asked him if he liked them or not.  But he's a guitar noobie and probably likes any free strings!



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