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As promised, here are some photos of the back of my new S6.  Hopefully you can see that the left side is noticeably "redder" than the right side. The patterning and striations are nice and seem matched, but the color surely does not.  Is this normal? Or did something go wrong in the manufacturing process? I have sent an email and the photos to Godin to see what they say.  I know it's only a $400 guitar but I would just like to get some feedback about it.  

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Really like the strap!  Looks soft and comfortable!

Yes the strap is super nice.  It is about 2.5 inches wide, and suede underneath.  Both add significantly to the comfort factor. Highly recommended! 

You inspired me!!  I just got back from the shop with my new 2.5 inch-wide glove leather  "Franklin Strap" from Greg Bennett Co.  .... oooohhh .... soft and comfy!!  Has a nice suede surface on the underside to keep the guitar from sliding around.  It's already made me a better stand-up guitarist!

Congratulations & good luck w/ the new guitar. How would you describe the tone of the S6 compared w/ the Martins?

Gee that's a hard one.  One thing that is similar to my D18V is the wonderfully defined, snappy bass and reverberation.  What the Seagull can't match IMHO is the richness of overtones I get with my Martins.  But then we are trying to compare a $400 guitar with ones costing more than 4x that.


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