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As promised, here are some photos of the back of my new S6.  Hopefully you can see that the left side is noticeably "redder" than the right side. The patterning and striations are nice and seem matched, but the color surely does not.  Is this normal? Or did something go wrong in the manufacturing process? I have sent an email and the photos to Godin to see what they say.  I know it's only a $400 guitar but I would just like to get some feedback about it.  

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it should be replaced.   It looks like they stained each piece prior to gluing them together.   They should be perfectly matched in colour. 

Yeah I agree with Gord. Especialy if you paid full price for it.

No ? should be replaced.

Ok thanks guys.  I have also contacted the dealer as well.  We'll see how they respond.  

I can't remember your original post. I assume you bought this online. The dealer/shop should be willing to exchange this, unless it was sold as "B" stock. This one looks like it should never have made it out of the factory. In fact, I can't believe they continued building the guitar. Didn't anyone notice?

In my original post I mentioned some concern about this but hadn't taken the photos yet.  I only noticed it several days after receipt.  It was not purchased as B stock.  

Whose responsibility is it to rectify this - the manufacturer or the dealer?  

I suppose it depends upon the dealer's return policy.....and I agree w/ the 'B' stock comments. Provided this guitar was sold as 'new', the item you rec'd was completely unacceptable and should not have been sent to you.

Having very rudimentary experience w/ woodworking myself, I know it's hard to tell in advance how a particular piece of wood will appear when stained. Furniture makers, and I'm sure guitar builders as well, use different chemicals to make the color appear uniform. Still, until the piece is stained, you can't predict how well everything will match up. Look @ some expensive electrics (PRS or Framus, for example)...their flamed maple tops have a great deal of variability in how well the grain and/or the color match up.

This type of thing makes me leery about Godin's quality control, even though I consider myself a strong supporter of their brand. Having been in Montreal around the time the Canadiens were vying for the hockey playoffs, I saw the locals get a little nutzoid. Maybe that guitar was produced on a Monday after a bad loss and the QC Dept was too bummed out to pay attention.

Seriously, I would insist on a replacement, a shipping voucher for your return, plus a Snark tuner or @ least a set of  really fine strings as compensation for your emotional distress & disappointment.

Good luck.


:)  Thanks Joe.  Not too much emotional distress on this one but points well taken, and I'm always up for negotiating a few things for my trouble.  :)

Usually in this situation, the dealer should be responsible to you and then, in turn, the manufacturer is responsible to the dealer.   You follow the money trail.   You paid the dealer and the dealer paid the manufacturer. 

This is a manufacturers second.   At least, it is a second based upon the condition of the guitar.  It is not in acceptable condition regardless the price.  There was probably an error in orders.   That should have been stamped as being a second.

I can't believe the dealer would not accept it back.  He/ she should be arranging an exchange right away.  I am sure that will occur.  Regardless, the return policy, he/ she  did not provide the product you paid for.  If you sent the pictures, I am sure the dealer will cooperate.  If not and if you paid by a credit card, you should look at sending the guitar back, showing a tracking no. so you can prove the dealer has it back and then have the credit card co. charge back the sale.  I would only do that if the dealer/ mfg does not step up to the plate.  I am sure both the dealer and Godin will cooperate.  That showed a slip up in their production and shipping.

I had to special order my LH guitar (Norman) and Godin ended up making 2 of the guitars I purchased.  They sent one right away and then sent a duplicate to the dealer a couple of days later.  They did not realize they had already sent one to the dealer.  Mistakes happen.

It ain't like it should be - and if you paid full price, I'm pretty sure that Godin or their retailer will willingly replace the guitar at no cost to you. I've never seen a complaint about Godin's customer service and support - in my dealings with them, and any comments I've seen, Godin's after-sale service ranks right up there with their instruments.

Looks like the back is bookmatched - that is, two slices of the same log, one flipped over, then joined on the centreline to produce a symmetrical pattern - and the sides, for some reason, have reacted unevenly to the stain. Could be delay in coating one side, different stain batch/brush, different soak times, a new wiping rag, or a dozen other things. If it showed up as a 2nd in my local shop, I'd be awfully tempted to see what a little haggling might save belt buckle doesn't much care how the back

Even with this bump in the night, bet you'll be a very happy camper with the S6 once you get things sorted...

I agree Blackback - lots of places in the chain where things could have gone awry. Other than this issue, the guitar is glorious in terms of sound, feel, finish, etc.  I am really happy with it we'll see what happens. Whether they comp me for the issue or replace it, I think no less of the guitar or Godin, and I look forward to many happy years as a Seagull owner.  

I will keep you posted. 

Just want to makes sure of one thing.  Does the serial number have either and "FS" or an "SF" at the end of it?  As we've all come to know here, that is the designation given to a cosmetic "factory second" ...

What does your serial number say??

Not that it makes any difference if you paid full price for it, but if it were a factory second, sold to you as first quality, then you should get an exchange and an apology at the very least. And I would agree that either the dealer or Godin owes you a little something extra for your trouble.

Or ... if you could live with the problem at a lesser price (which I wouldn't want to do) you might hang on to the guitar and ask to be reimbursed the difference between a first quality S-6 and a factory second which is on the order of $50 I think.

Bottom line though ... your first point of contact should be the dealer who sold it to you.  If you don't get some sort of satisfaction cheerfully delivered, you should let Michel Belanger at Godin customer service hear from you quickly.


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