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The Entourage Rustic models were originally made with an elevated rosette for the purpose of promoting the structural integrity of the soundboard of the guitar. The problem is that I find them visually unappealing, if not downright ugly. I believe the Art & Lutherie guitars feature the same design. Does anyone know if Seagull is still sticking those on their Entourage guitars, or have they gone to a more traditional rosette? I would like to get an Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo, but have never seen one in the local shop that carries Seagulls, and hesitate to order one sight unseen online because of the rosette. I know I'm being picky, but if anyone could give me information I would appreciate it.

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According to the Art & Lutherie website:

"A&L acoustic guitars also feature the attractive esthetic of the Arched rosette on dreadnought and folk sized models. This Arched or Dome rosette promotes added strength and stability to the area around the sound hole. Other features include double function truss rods, high-ratio tuners and rosewood fingerboards and bridges, with Tusq nuts and fully compensated saddles by Graphtech."

The AMI supposedly has a "stick-on" rosette - I guess like a Colorform (remember those?) - the ones on the Folk and Dreadnought models don't look like they can peel off - does anyone know if the "arched rosette" peels off, or goes down into the top? 

I'm going to try to check out the Artists in the "sleeping clerk" store tomorrow - they also had a few Entourages and a Maritime SWS SG when I was last there - I'll check it out, and let you know...

Thanks, Florida. That will be very helpful!

First thing I did with my AMI was peel off that rubber rosette, ghastly! :)

Did it come off easily, Susi, with no damage to the finish?

Yes ,peeled right off and ya can't tell it ever had one. I just used my finger nail and worked at the edge till I got it lifted and was not problem.

Good to know. Thanks!
But the AMI one is different from the folk and dreadnought, right? Does the F +D style come off as well?

I just bought an Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo in November. It did not have the ugly raised rubber rosette, which I hate.


I had a blue A&L Ami cedar with a beautiful laser cut rosette (from before they switched to the rubber.) I so wish I had never sold that one.

You're leading me into temptation, Rob! ;-).


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