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I ordered my S6 right in the middle of Musician's Heaven's move, which delayed the shipping, but I got the tracking today, so I should that along with the Walden by the end of next week.


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You're adding 2 new guitars to your stable?

Actually just one, the S6 Cedar.  The Walden is replacing the Eastman.

Congratulations. May your shipper fly fast and true.

Are you getting the new long scale?. I am curious to hear how well the cedar top handles the extra power of the longer scale.

Not sure how I would know if it is or not Dan???

The short 24.84 scale will be half that distance, about 12-7/16 from the nut to the center of the twelfth fret. The new 25.5 scale will be 12-3/4. If the cedar top can handle the extra power, these things will be cannons!

I haven't heard one myself yet. I'm really looking forward to checking one out.

So I will have to wait and measure it to be sure?

Unfortunately, yes, unless your seller knows which scale it is. Seagull sort of quietly changed the scale length of dreadnoughts and jumbos around the first of the year.

Hey Dan,

How do you mean canons? As in louder than the shorter length?

Yes, the longer scale guitars will potentially be louder. The longer scale length requires more string tension, which delivers more power to the top. The short scale S6 is quite loud, and the longer scales will be even louder, unless Seagull also made bracing changes. The S6 is already such a well designed instrument, I am concerned the longer scale might cause the new guitars to be a little muddy when driven at max volumes. 

emphasis on 'potentially'!  In general terms, or on average, this may be the case but on any given instrument it's difficult to say...  Yes, it's true that Seagulls are well designed and made to very consistent dimensions, but we're dealing with wood which can be very unpredictable.  There are many thoughts about the effect of scale length on tone as there are on just about every conceivable aspect of guitar construction but there are lots of guitars that break all the 'rules'....  One thing I have noticed lately is that there seem to be fewer duds out there even among the inexpensive varieties!

My friend has an S6 Left, purchased last year, and I like it a lot! Of course, I play it upside down - a few open chords fretted strangely... ;-)

Got the S6 today.  It is a short scale, however it does boom out in volume!  Very nice guitar!!


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