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I will add my model number to this discussion tonight, but I absolutely love my Seagull I have at home. It is an all satin finish and had no electronics on it when I got it. I currently have a K&K pick up in it with no batteries or other electronics as well.

The sound is amazing. I have a really heavy strum, for lots of good and bad reasons, and the pure volume of my Seagull blows all others away. Then one day I thought, "What would I do if something happened to my Seagull?"

I went to Guitarcenter and MusicGoRound and started playing some other Seagulls. I was soooo excited!!!!! Imagine my surprise when I didn't hear that wonderful bass filled, booming sound I always hear from mine at home. I have and am still searching! No wonder people frown when I mention my Seagull.

Then they hear and play my Seagull and they are blown away!!!

I am a huge Seagull fan! You will have to pry my Seagull from cold, arthritic hands when I die! HEHE

Any comments?


Isaiah 49:13

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Jud, you have quite a beautiful collection of guitars there.  I am very envious and am sure that those girls get a lot of love and attention : )

Every time I go into a Guitar Center (been to 5 different ones so far), the Seagull S6s have been fantastic. I saw the parlor sized Entourage Grand but wasn't too impressed. Maybe it was because I played it right after playing an S6 ;)

I've played some Seagulls @ a Guitar Center w/ mixed results. At the same time, I've tried a Martin or a Gibson w/ a price tag around 2K...and they sounded flat. Sometimes it's the strings or a poor set-up, but probably not all selections of tonewood are created equal. And there's something to be said about a guitar improving w/ age and being played regularly...although that's pretty subjective. Or maybe it's like the old joke about never buying a car made on a Monday because all the factory workers are hungover from the weekend. There's a lot of French wine up in Quebec to be sure........

I bought my SWS mini jumbo online due to a lack of that model @ local shops. While I got a good deal, I couldn't comparison shop among brands or models. I guess that's the downside of economic progress.

I agree completely.  I go to GC quite frequently just to get my hands on some really high-price guitars and often I am sort of shocked at how bad a $3,000-$4,000 guitar can sound. 

For comparison, I played a Martin 000-28EC (Eric Clapton) at the shop where I bought my Martin and thought it was one of the sweetest playing and sounding guitars I'd ever held in my hands. 

Subsequently, I took an "identical" Martin 000-28EC down from the wall in GC and quickly found that it didn't sound that good at all! 

Poor set-up?  Poor acoustics?  Old strings?  Who knows, but I loved the first example and was not impressed at all with the second.

Jud, That was exactly my point. I have been very let down at the quality of guitars at the main stores. It seems no care is being taken to make sure the Guitars are cared for correctly. I had the same experience with Taylor guitars at GC.

Looking at a high Taylor at GC didn't impress me at all, but then my buddy suggested the following store.

and we made a group trip. Holy cow, the difference was astounding. Not only did they have unique guitars with different wood tones and designs, they were well cared for as well. On top of that, at a fraction of the price.

All in all though, none of them match up to the volume of my S6. Now I am pretty much a rhythm player, so my tastes tend to be a little different. 

Here is a good question though. Did they make the S6 different, or unique at all? The wood on mine looks the same all the way around my body and top. Any chance that is the difference?

Wildwood looks like a great shop!  Really nice website and lots of great inventory.

As to your last question ... doubtful.  Nobody would make the sides and back of a guitar out of cedar, and if the top of your S-6 was made out of the laminated wild cherry, I don't think you'd like it too much.  Art & Lutherie makes a totally laminate guitar called the "Almond", but by 1990 I don't think Seagull was producing any laminate top guitars, however I could be mistaken. 

You should e-mail Michel Belanger' at and ask him specifically.

I will do that. When I received the guitar I wasn't as good of player as I am now. So i didn't really know as much. Now I would really like to know the specifics about the guitar.

Thanks so much for the email address!

Ok I do have an S6. This has been a great discussion. I think some of these points would be great for anyone looking at guitars in a store. Thanks for all your great posts.
Very interesting. Thanks for posting!

I have had similiar reactions from peoople who hear that I have a Seagull, or I get the shrug. But, whenever I play live I get great reactios to the guitar and its sound. Regardless of where I play, a small coffeehouse through my Crate amp or thrrough the house PA up aon a stage. They are always surprised. I get a kick out of that. Their always impressed.
I love my MJ M6 CW. It never let's me down.
That is exactly what I get as well. Do have the factory pick up system?


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