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I'm about two weeks away from getting my Entourage Rustic and I'm pumped. I was planning on getting the Seagull gig bag with it. Anyone have any comments or opinions on these bags? Also, do you find that they allow for soundhole humidifiers or humidipaks to work sufficiently? I really like the price (and looks admittidly) of the bag, but with winter approaching, I want to make sure I can keep it humidified. Or am I just gonna have to foot the bill for a hard case? Thanks everyone!

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Humidity will move through the bag with ease.  A humidifier inside the bag or sound hole is kind of a waste as it won't really do anything (IMO).  Now if you put a humidifier in the soundhole and seal the instrument in a hard case with a good or better seal, now you have something.  You can also measure the humidiy inside the case to see if it is doing any good (too much or too little).  If your winter months are dry, then you should strongly consider a hard case.  If like me,you live where the winter humidy still stays about 45% then you could even leave the instrument on a stand in the house and it should be fine.  We however have cats in the house, so the guitars are always cased when not being played.

Hope this helps.

The embroidered Seagull gig bag is wonderful.  It's much sturdier than most soft bags and it has an added benefit of a neck rest with a velcro strap on the inside.  I haven't tried it with a humidifier, but can see no reason why it wouldn't work. Like Lennie, I usually leave my guitars on the stand so I can get to them fast when the mood hits me.  For a convenient carryng case, I highly recommend the Seagull gig bag.  I got mine for $40.  Still, it's not the same as a hard case and no matter how hard I try, I still manage to almost always nudge one or more of the tuning knobs in transit to where ever I'm headed and thus I'm not in tune when I get there.  This is usually not a problem with the harshell TKL case.  You can get the basic TRIC case for $79 and the deluxe for $99 or so.  The gig bag is excellent as gig bags go, but you might be happier with a TRIC or even a nice low-end TKL which fits the Seagull dreads almost perfectly.
Is your Rustic a dread or a parlor (grand)?  I'm getting an Entourage Grand (parlor) Rustic guitar and am wondering exactly which TRIC case or gig bag fits it.  Which one are you planning to get?
I'm getting the dread. The tric case is out of my budger but look really nice.
Thanks.  I'll be looking for a smaller bag for the parlor.

You might try this for your Grand:

There's no pic of this bag, and I couldn't find a pic anywhere on the Internet before ordering it.  However it's essentially just a smaller version of the Seagull Dread & Folk gig bags -- without the embroidered logo. The padding is infinitely better than on the bag that came with my old A & L  Ami, but it's not a substitute for a hardshell case.  

I thought it was a very good deal



Thanks for the tip!  I'll look into it.
The above bag is $15.61 right now...
If you have more than one or two guitars, keeping humidifiers in them can be inconvenient.  I used to do that, but no more.  I live in the piedmont area of NC and the guitars live in the lower level finished walk-in basement of the house, where we have our family room and my office and studio.  A room dehumidifier runs in the summer during rainy spells and a room humidifier runs in the winter to counteract the drying effects of a gas furnace, which not only benefits the guitars but also makes it more comfortable for the humans.  So for me, humidity is not one of the factors when considering hard case versus gig bag.  Except for my relatively expensive (to me) Taylor, gig bags are fine as far as I'm concerned.  I know that doesn't address the rest of your Seagull gig bag question, but I hope it helps a little anyway.
My Performer came with the Seagull gig bag, and I can't add anything else to the discussion. The neck rest is nice, and it is well-padded. Very good protection.

Hi George;


I bought a Musicians Gear hard shell case for my Seagull mini jumbo. It's the dreadnought case and depending on your budget it might fit in for you at $49.95. You can get them at Music 123 and it's free shipping so it's $49.95 to your door.

Musicians Gear HSC


It's a decent case for the money, certainly not a TKL or a TRIC but it's great protection for a very reasonable price. My 1970 Grammer dreadnought fits perfect in the case too, besides the Seagull.


I've even thought of switching the cases since my Grammer HSC is 40 years old, but it was a fine case in its day so I keep the Grammer in it since that's where it's called home the last 40 years.   :-)


I think it is a very good buy for the money for cheap hard shell protection and would work well for the humidity factor too since it's lined very well.




I got this:


it's a polyfoam soft shelled (nylon) case that can best be described as a hybrid soft/hard case.  It's very light, seems kinda durable although I'd not stack anything on it, and fits my S6 origonal like a glove.  It seals well enough that the soundhole humidifier does work (I have an incase hygrometer to verify internal/external humidity).  I would have gotten a hardshell but there wasn't one in stock at GC when I purchased my S6.

Good luck and i'm sure you'll be happy w/ knowing you are providing a safe home for your treasured Seagull!


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