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What the heck......thought I'd post my latest hair-brained idea from Northern New England where it was 84 degrees the other day and tonight will be down to blame the weather.

Why not take a poll of the features that most members would want in a 'special edition' guitar and forward it to Robert Godin? Set a price range (or ranges), poll the membership, and send the ideal guitar recipe to Mr G.???

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Cedar top, solid EIR back, lam EIR sides, mini jumbo/grand auditorium cutaway body, good multi-source electronics, could add a nice vintage burst-type finish, wood binding and rosette, too. There. That was easy... Let me know when it's ready, Robert.


Here's your guitar from Walden:






  • binding: Flame Maple and Wood
  • rosette: Abalone and Wood
  • tuners: Gold with black buttons
  • logo: Pearl
  • bridge: Faceted Ebony bridge
  • saddle: Bone
  • endpins: Ebony

Not that it should matter, but aren't Walden's produced "off-shore"?

Actually, I believe it should matter - and the only reason (other than the quality and value) that I really started checking Waldens out was that (assuming the interviews with Walden's Jonathan Lee are accurate) Walden has their own, dedicated factory, the minimum age to work for them is a high-school graduate, they provide health care (!) for their workers, and they work "normal" hours.  Although I love Seagulls/Godin, I am willing to go "off-shore" for a better value or for something Seagull doesn't have - but not at the cost of people working in a "sweatshop".  Walden does not appear to be this type of company - neither does Eastman...

Here's a link to the interview:

Good read!

Yes, that was my concern for anything produced in a country, and there are many of them, that have little regard for human rights, but that is a subject best left for a different forum!

I see your point, but I believe it should be discussed here - if one knows, for example, that "Smith & Jones" guitars uses Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, or Syrian sweatshop labor to make that "cheap" guitar, one should take their dollars elsewhere...

I even had some concern about my Brazilian Giannini, but I talked with a Brazilian friend who used to work for our lab, and she indicated that Giannini has a good reputation in Brazil... :-)

I've just been having a similar discussion with my 12th grade economics students. We look at Walmart and their Chinese partners, clothing and sneaker sweatshops in Indonesia, Apple and their iPad producer FoxConn, etc. I try to make kids aware of the fact that there are real people upstream from the consumer products we covet, and they are often not working under what many Americans would consider tolerable conditions. It surprises them, but I'm not sure whether it will make them behave differently. The FoxConn story has certainly changed the way I think about Apple. I've never owned anything else in 25 years, but I won't be buying an iPad anytime soon.

No idea where Walden is made in.  For the same $$$, one can get a Martin D16 RGT without electronics and cut away.  Also, fingerboard is richite and nut and saddle are synthetics.  And the bracing is hybrid X without scalloping.  It depends on what one wants.

Walden has their own, dedicated factory in Lilan, China...

that is a nice American-made guitar, no doubt.


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