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Thieves with excellent taste go straight for the good stuff ...


"They came through the bottom glass pane of the front door which was kicked in,’ said shop owner Ken Mitchell. ‘If it was a straight smash-and-grab they would gone for the electric guitars straight in front of that door.

‘Instead they walked about 20 feet into the separate acoustic showroom, and took four wall-mounted guitars and one – the Lowden – from a stand in the corner. They obviously cherry-picked the guitars they wanted, having been in to the shop and looked around beforehand."

Five acoustic models, worth a combined total of over £7,000, were stolen from Peter Norris Music on Finch Road at about 9pm, most notably a custom-made Lowden F35 worth £3,500. Other models included a Seagull Performer worth £1,100, a Seagull SWS Maritime Folk worth £1,080, a Tanglewood TSR 2 worth £1,540 and a Yamaha F370 worth £165.

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at least they got great taste...not sure that their ethics would hold up to my standards but maybe the judge will be nice and let them keep playing Seagulls that they actually pay for while serving their jail sentence.

I know!  The unmitigated GULL of it all just stuns me ...

maybe Sally Field was behind this :)

Exactly, Susi ... :-)

She would have flown in through a hole in the roof...


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