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I'm curious what the "flock of gulls" here do about humidity control for their Seagulls.  I have a S6 original that I love and don't want any dehydration issues.  I purchased my S6 at G****R C****R and noticed a S6 rustic that had a nasty crack clear through the thin cedar top.  The sales guy told me Seagulls were more prone to cracks due to the type of finish used on the tops.  I have to admit that my S6 has a thinner looking finish than other acoustics I've owned.  I was encouraged to purchase a hardshell case and in case humidifier w/ my Seagull (no I did not purchase the one w/ a crack).  Amazingly there was not a traditional hardshell case in stock that fit and since I drove about 2.5 hrs to get there just to buy that S6 I settled on a RoadRunner semi-hardshell case.  It's very similar construction to a bike helmet and from what I've read this is similar to a Tric case?  It's incased in canvass and is very light and great for being mobile w/ the guitar. I also have a incase humidifier that sits suspended in between the strings in the soundhole opening and another old school absorbant chalk-like material in a round plastic case that sits near the head stock.  I've put in a Oasis hygrometer that sits in the case and seems to be accurate enough.  I don't use a room humidifer but keep the case humidy around 5% higher than the relative humidy for my home (which is generally 35-55%.  I've noticed since I brought it home last January that it immediately became hydrated to where it supposed to be and the top slightly raised w/ the swelling due to humidifying the instrument.  This slightly raised the action but after switching to some new strings things have settled to a acceptable action heighth and pretty decent sound. 


I'm curious what the rest of you do to keep your Gull in a happy humidy range.  I generally keep my axe in its case unless playing as I don't have a humidity controlled guitar room. 

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Just now bought this. 

Reviews were pretty good.


I essentially have the same product but it's the planet waves version.  A little bit different technology but the generally same concept.  I like mine a lot but I find the dry air here in KS to be hard to combat w/ only an incase humidifier.  I am really contemplating getting a nice whole room humidifer so I don't have to keep hydating the sponge in the Planet Waves product or the chalk stuff in my other one.  Seems like every few days the sponge is bone dry and hard as a rock.  

Hi SeagullS6;

Here's a post I made in the group about humidity and a link to Bob Taylor discussing humidity:

Humidity control post




My issue would tend to be too much humidity, not too little... ;-)

Same here except in the winter and my wife has a Hoss Cartwright fire burning in the fireplace .


LOL @ Hoss Cartwright reference ... :-)  I used to LOVE that show!!
I use the planet waves unit.  I guess they call it a model GH.  It is the simple sponge suspended in its case from the strings.If things get to dry, like in the winter, I can add another sponge in a ziplock bag up by the headstock.  My house stays at about 45% so the sponge adds that little bit more inside the closed case.  The only caution I would have on this unit is if you make the spnge too wet and store the guitar on its side, then the sponge can drip.  But if stored flat, then every thing is OK.  Of course if you follow the instructions, then the sponge won't be too wet.  I have to recharge the sponge about once a week.

I have a couple of my guitars in Humi cases which have 1 humidifer under the neck and one just above the sound hole. For some of my other cases I have put the same type of humidifers in them and if need be will add a dampit in the sound hole. I do keep a couplr of guitars on the wall and keep a Essick 6 gallon humidifer with a digital control  going all the time. I set it to keep the room between 45 and 50% and have two humidity/temp gauges in the room. One is by Humi Case and by Planet wave.  Funney thing is I can put them side by side and get two different readings but both are within the 45 to 50% ranges.  Got the ideal for the room humidifer from Gary Knuckles.


Gary W.



Greetings from the "Wet Coast"! My concern is way too much humidity, readings in the 65-85 percent zone are pretty normal year round, so I have the instuments in a spare bedroom with a DE-humidifier set at 60 percent, you wouldn't believe how much collected water I dump out of that unit!

I bring them out to play for a few hours a day then it's back to climate control!

It's important to have an accurate humidity gauge to monitor your particular environment to reduce the shock to the instrument. 

I had my Aria out on it's stand in the living room from 2002 until just recently, when it gave it's life for the Kingpin. It had no case. I certainly don't say that was how I SHOULD have treated it, but it was true, and there were no negative effects I ever noticed...conditions must be ok...
I'm with Floridagull and Ian on this ... In central North Carolina, lack of humidity is almost never an issue.  My guitars stay on the stands in my spare room 24/7 unless I head out to an open-mic.  About the only time I worry about them is in transit in the car during the summer or winter.  Even then, I haven't had a problem thus far.
In Ontario we have pretty cold winters and moderate snow fall. The experts call it a damp cold as opposed to a dry cold. We heat with a forced air Natural Gas furnace so I keep my guitars in their cases in the winter with a planet waves sound hole humidifier. I find it the sponge dries in 3 or 4 days depending on how often I open the case. I leave them on their stands in the summer and notice no ill effects. I work in the heating and air conditioning industry and I am tentative on whole room or house humidifiers because of the potential for mould. If you have one don't ignore it. Keep it clean!!


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