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Here are a couple of new covers I did last week to demonstrate the sound of the little Simon & Patrick Cedar Folk I picked up recently off of Craigslist.  One is fingerstyle (Travis pick) and the other is open strum.  It's definitely no dreadnought!  The little guitar is at its best on fingerstyle in my opinion, but it still maintains warmth and tone when strummed at a reasonable level.  Pardon the new strings ... they are a little "squeaky", but I hope it gives you a decent representation of what you might expect from a smaller Godin acoustic. 


"Colorado Girl" by Townes Van Zandt


"Cowgirl in the Sand" by Neil Young


PS:  Once again these are done on an iPhone and then sent directly to Youtube ... I'd be interested in hearing input on the sound quality from a variety of people.  On my computer with a pretty decent set of speakers, I think it sounds reasonably good, but if I had to depend on the little speakers in my laptop, I'm not sure I could even hear it.  What is the consensus on iPhone acoustic recording directly to Youtube??






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Very, very nice! I can only hear this on my wife's smartphone until I get home (my boss has a block on certain websites -SonicWall, I think), but the strumming comes across well - the fingerstyle, not so much - I've found this to be true in general...

Yeah, I've got a decent set of speakers with a separate "woofer" attached to my computer, so I probably have an advantage over some listeners.  It's a audio and video compromise, but it's just so easy to record and get something up on Youtube via iPhone ...

Nice job!  Agree with Florida Gull - the strumming in "Cowgirl" is much louder than the fingerpicking.  But it looks like you were also much further from the camera & mic  when doing the fingerpicking.  Audio quality seems pretty good - I ran it from my laptop to my old Sansui receiver & Infinity bookshelf speakers.  Nice little guitar!

Good point about proximity ... need to remember that in the future.  Thanks!


the Neil cover sounded great but Townes was weaker .

Cowgirl in the Sand was very good.. Colorado Girl was good too but, sounded like your index finger was not plucking the string. Instead it sounded like it was sliding down it..against the grain if you would, of the string. I hope you take this as constuctive. It was like your finger nail was too long.

Great job!  

One thing I noticed is your right arm is almost reaching around the front of the guitar when you strum and pick, causing the strum & picking to be closer to the bridge than the sound hole, possible reducing the volume.

Ian/Rex/Dave ... Appreciate the constructive comments. 

I haven't been doing fingerstyle but a few months.  It is tough to maintain the beat for vocal accompanyment.  I still have a lot to learn.  Need to work to somehow get my ring finger involved with the B and E strings!

Also, for doing youtube recordings, I guess I really need to be plugged in (voice and guitar) rather than depending on the iPhone to be sufficent straight acoustic.


I meant weak as I could barely hear it ....the picking I couldn't critque as Travis stlye is beyond me......right now.

Ya done better than I coulda!


Fine playing and singing, Jud. And three cheers for Neil, Townes, and Simon & Patrick (maybe that's 4 cheers!) Still trying to sell the S&P parlor to get my own S&P folk (Woodland Pro) but I've decided (and told the wife) that I'm gittin' one in any case. I'm a Simon & Patrick man, for sure.

Great job, Jud! I agree with most of the sentiments expressed. Nice job on the Travis picking! In terms of audio quality, Cowgirl did sound better, but again, that's due to proximity rather than technique. I've had good experiences with recording on my iPhone, but I do find that my iPhone 4S records at a MUCH higher quality than my old iPhone 3GS.

I have one suggestion regarding your fingerpicking. It appears that you've really worked hard on your technique, ensuring that each finger plucks one string and only one string at a time. While this is great technique for plucking out melody lines as you play, it's not particularly necessary for what I like to refer to as "rhythm fingerstyle guitar." In other words, when playing and singing to folk tunes and the like, you can get away with less precise fingerpicking. Moreover, you can feel free to pluck, or strike more than one string with your index and and middle fingers.

For example, when I Travis pick, I often strike both the G and B strings simultaneously with my index finder and the B and e strings with my middle finger. In other words, my style is a bit sloppy. However, what this does for me is sound like a hybrid between fingerstyle and a flat pick. I can choose to be more precise when necessary, but I also allow myself to be more free with my fingers, thus varying the dynamics throughout the tune.

I hope this makes sense! Oh, and that little guitar has a really sweet sound! I'm jealous!


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