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Hi All!   That Artist Mosaic I posted about a few months back is still for sale.  The seller originally had it for $900, then dropped it to $800, and now it's at $700.  He emailed and asked if I was still interested, and said if not he was planning to sell it to a local guitar shop (probably for less).  

I originally decided to pass because, at the time, my leanings were towards something smaller bodied, like the folk model (the one here is standard).  I thought smaller would be more comfortable.  But with the more reasonable price, I'm starting to reconsider.  Comfort differences aside, how would the tone of standard body likely compare with the folk?  Has anyone anyone ever A/B the standard and folk Mosaic (unlikely, I know, but thought I would ask anyway)?  Which would be better for fingerstyle (my current playing interest)?

Thanks for any feedback on this.  Also, if I go look at it, is there anything in particular I should look for (common problem areas with Seagulls, etc.)?

Thanks again.   -Pat

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Hi, Just to add what Floridagull said, If I were you and near the shop Floridagull is talking about I would pick up the Artist Mosaic Folk CW QII for that price! For a few hundred more dollars you are getting a new Cedar / Mahogany guitar that is a beauty. It just did not make sense for me to purchase it there and pay for shipping when I got a little better price here in Ontario. Just my two cents. Whatever you do, I am sure you will enjoy it!



Hi Tom,   -Unfortunately I'm in Indiana, otherwise I would certainly check it out.  Fortunately though, there are quite a few guitar shops around here that carry Seagulls.  So I'm going to bide my time, and see if one shows up.  Also, I might chance a used one on eBay or AGF if the price is right and reputable seller.  But if possible, I'd prefer to have my hands on it first.  We'll see!

Have you considered the Artist Mosaic Folk?  You can find used models with TRIC Case included for approximately $400.  

Top : Select Pressure Tested Solid Cedar
Back & Sides : Solid Mahogany
Neck : Mahogany
Fingerboard & Bridge : Rosewood
Tusq nut and compensated saddle
Finish : Semi-Gloss Custom Polished Finish
Nut Width: 1.8"
Upper Bout: 11.38"
Lower Bout: 14.76"
Waist: 9.46"
Body Length: 19.6"
Body Depth: 4.5
TRIC Case included
Model : 19885

Does anyone know why this model was dropped by Seagull?

It hasn't been dropped - I just played one a few weeks ago - see above...

Can you provide a website link to the model you are referring too?  I am pretty sure you are referring to another guitar model.  Mine was made in 2006.

This is my guitar:

The current Artist Mosaic Folk is only available with a cutaway and factory installed electronics.

I believe you guys are both right in your statements ... and as to why certain models get dropped by manufacturers , it always seems to be rather mysterious and doesn't appear to be limited to Godin. 

>> I believe you guys are both right in your statements

Yes and no.  As an engineer, I learned long ago that it is critical to be specific when talking about parts, models, etc.  As a new Seagull owner, I find it difficult reading these various posts and being sure I know what guitar people are referring too.  A true model number would be helpful.

No fault of FloridaGull, but he assumed I was writing about a different guitar, even though I used the exact model name, specs, never mentioned CW or QII and mentioned Model 19885.  I wonder how many other people make the same type of mistake?  I am sure I have.

>> as to why certain models get dropped by manufacturers , it always seems to be rather mysterious and doesn't appear to be limited to Godin.

True, mysterious for the customer, but there is usually some reason that the manufacturer has.  I was just wondering if any people in the group had any behind the scene information they could share.

Here's the discontinued Artist:

And here's the Coastline Cedar Folk:

Of course. different level of materials - but perhaps Godin wanted to differentiate the Artist Mosaic Folk a bit more form the Coastline Cedar Folk?  Just a thought...

 >>I was just wondering if any people in the group had any behind the scene information they could share.

We have LOTS of information and we love to share ... but none of us are "behind the scene ...


Personally, I'm more likely to be behind the curve than the scene.

Not everyone puts all the info in...and I assumed you were writing about the same guitar we have been discussing...I just glanced at the specs...alas...  Well, this is why I always try to put in a pic of what I'm referring to...easier than writing "new Artist Mosaic CW Folk QII" all the time...;-)

Anyway, I have seen those on the internet - even some still around that are "new" - and it would be a great alternative. 

Just recently, the Artist Peppino D'Agostino was made unavailable (at least new...) without QII electronics.  I would assume these decisions have to do with sales volume...and we won't always agree with them... ;-)


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