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What was it about Seagull/Godin guitar(s) that first spoke to you and convinced you to make the move?


For me, it was the way the profile of the neck and the 1.8 inch nut width felt.  For the first time, I felt like I was holding a guitar that was built with me in mind.


How about you?

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Been looking for a decent steel string for a few months - tried a number of  new and used A&L and S&Ps in the course of that, and was impressed with the value for the prices. Did some Googleing, found out about Godin, and Seagull. Subsequently played a couple of  new Seagulls, one of which I really liked; went back a few days later to get it, and it had been sold. On impulse, popped a "Wanted: Seagull S6" ad on the local Kijiji - and four hours later, headed home with a real nice older S6 and a case for about 40% of the price of the new one. Absolutely the equal of the one that got away, save for some pick marks and dings on the top, which doesn't bother me one iota..


That's the how - the whys - well, the sound, of course, the wider nut (love that!), it's great playability - and, of course, the fact that it was made in La Belle Province of Quebec.


Only other one I played that really tempted me was a small, solid mahogany Guild -  not a lot of volume but a wonderful warm tone,  cost 3x as much (new) as the used Seagull I've got. The label said Guild,  Handcrafted in China....

I played in a group featuring two guitars, me with a Guild and a friend of mine playing an S6 (back in the 90s, when they were around $300 or so). His S6 drowned my Guild-for which I paid three times the price for about half the projection. 

A few years a ago, I took a job selling guitars at a local shop and sold more Seagull than I can quantify, and for obvious reasons. Concerning craftsmanship/QC, materials, appearance, and tone for under $1k there is next to nothing to compete with them. After two years selling them, and a revived interest in playing acoustically, Seagull released the Performer Mini Jumbo and I had to have it. After buying mine, I sold maybe 1-3 of them per month. Haven't looked back since.

I am a 48 year old guitar newbie. My Son plays drums and some guitar. I have an Uncle and Cousin that play. I always loved music and the relaxing qualities of an acoustic. So I decided I am going to give it a try. Well, like any of the other hobbies I have enjoyed in my life, shooting sports, golf, ham radio, fishing. Some come and go and some are here to stay. I don't just dabble, I go full bore. I research the heck out of equipment. I read many reviews and picked up many guitars in the local shops and I kept coming back to the Seagull. So I decided that was the one for me and the search began. I also am a bargain hunter so craigslist became my focus. I was watching one for a few weeks and decided I am driving to Ponce inlet to see this guitar and well needless to say its mine, a beautiful Seagull Coastline Cedar GT. I love it...I will say however self teaching is kind of rough. Youtube has been a big help, but it seems to only go so far. I am looking into lessons but I am not sure were to start. Anyway having a good time relaxing with the Seagull and the Tele and Strat.....I did mention full bore. he who dies with most toys wins!

A couple of sites you might want to try. Really helped me.


Yes I have been using Marty's great videos. I will take a look at the other one as well. Thanks

Justin is by far the best that I have found if you are just starting. 

Marty is also great.

I know one on one lesson's are for some people, but with be not being able to work I have but one option.

Good luck,enjoy and have fun.

I also am just learning and am using both Marty's videos and I've purchases justin's book for beginners and his song book plus the theory of music. Have an old Yamaha F310 that is hard to play so just bought a new Seagull S6 cedar top. Haven't gotten it yet but it has shipped so hopefully in a couple days. Can't wait. 

Nothing is more discouraging than trying to play a poor acoustic guitar.  Get ready for a major epiphany when your S-6 arrives!  Your ability and your enthusiasm for playing will multiply immediately and continue to grow.

Indeed it will!  Check this out, Jud - - more info on Tony's purchase...

We had a great discussion over in the beginners area about taking lessons.  You might pop over there and check out the advice that was given.  An instructor that will help you learn what you want to learn is the best thing you can do for your abilities.  You might have to go through a few teachers to find the one that is just right for you but it is worth it.  Also taking your guitar to a luthier for a proper check up or setup will make playing your instrument easier, which contributes to longer and better practice sessions.

Yes, I have tried two luthiers here in Melbourne. They worked wonders on the Fenders. My Seagull was already set up from the previous owners luthier and seems pretty sweet. It did make practice much more enjoyable....

Some people have all the luck !  What kind of strings seem to sound good to you?


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