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Well I'm out of excuses ... If I can't learn fingerstyle through this guy's method, I just need to give up!  Never seen someone break it down so clearly and make it so easily understood.  It's SIMPLE!  All you have to do is practice.  I'm ON it!  Check it out ...

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I've been a flat picker/strummer all my life.  Granted that this lesson may be sort of "dumbed down" but that's what I need ... isn't this guy's method what is commonly called "Travis Picking" ??

Used to do that some 40 yrs ago. Nowadays I do 4 finger fingerstyle without the fingerpicks. The Seagull broad neck is just right for that.

Seagulls DO seem to be made to accommodate fingerstyle don't they??

My Seagull Artist Folk is perfect for fingerstyle with "bare hands", also for blues hand picking (like the late Josh White style). I use Silk and Steels in the Artist Folk, they are very good for barefinger picking. My new (second hand) Artist Studio cw has just (according to the net follow-up) arrived in Finland, hopefully get it on Monday. I'll report my feelings of that after I played it for a while.

Yep ... Arlie, at my age, I just want to play!  Show me the easiest route and I'll take it.  Not trying to become Tommy Emmanuel or anything!  :-)

Thanks, Arlie. I really enjoyed that. Am I mistaken, or are you only using the thumb and index finger of your right hand to play melody and harmony? That's what it looked like to me.
That's amazing. Fingerpicking has always been a challenge to me. Thanks for the speedy reply.

Interesting video but I cannot understand the sequence of the 1-2-3  strings.I understand the thumb picking but in what order and what fingers do you play 1-2-3? If there's a simple explanation I sure would appreciate it.Thanks for video Jud.

Rob ... I only watched it once so far.  It just seemed to be well-explained at first glance, but on a second viewing, I'm sure I'll still have questions.  This is one of the reasons I've never gotten into fingerstyle.  COMPLICATED!

I have an added problem of arthitis in both hands.  My fingers aren't as nimble as they once were and while my fretting hand is already 40+ years into instinctively knowing what to do forming chords while working through the stiffness, the fingers on my right hand is still pretty clueless and not all that eager to try something new.  My brain and my left hand continue to negotiate with my right hand ... :-)

Thanks for posting this, Jud.  I have the same question as Robert, and I've watched it more than once.  He's very slow and clear when he demonstrates, and I get the thumb part (1 & 5), but I can't quite see the sequence of which finger is plucking which string in the 2-3-4 & 6-7-8 parts of the pattern.  Maybe somebody who knows the pattern could spell it out.

Walt ... maybe I've been fooled into thinking rthat somebody finally put together a coherent and clear demo of fingerstyle that I can comprehend!  I haven't watched it, but once so far.  Maybe on the second time around, I'll be just as confused as ever! LOL!


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