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I owned my poor old 1967 Silvertone by Harmony for over 45 years and currently it's in the hands of Robert Stoner who is breathing new life into it after all the years of abuse it suffered in my "care."


What guitar have you owned the longest and do you still have it??

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Mid 60's Alvarez 3/4 student guitar. My Aunt gave it to me when I showed interest in guitar while watching all my uncles play when I was 6 or 7 years old, so about 30 years ago. She had a few guitars that were left in an old farm house she bought off of folk singer Jonathan Edwards, who said just to keep what he left behind, so this was once his guitar. It's all beat up these days, but the neck is still straight and it still holds a tune well.

My next oldest would be an Ovation 6768 Elite. Bought that one new about 20 years ago. Awesome guitar that now has the equivelent of 780,000 miles on it.

My handmade nylon string classical Malmström (the master is long ago dead) was made for me in autumn 1969. I still have it (and never shall sell). It has been now about half a year with my luthiers for "resuscitation". Much of the glueings have dissolved (it is made with old time bone glue), many cracks, mostly because my own stupidity. I had it with me on sailing holidays, which I shouldn't have done. 

My oldie - a Yamaha G-100-A classical that was my late wife's first instrument when she started studying classical guitar. Last built, as far as I can Google it, in 1972. It's well over 25 years since we bought it used - still in just about perfect condition, and while it can't equal the sound or playability of her Sigma CR-9, it plays very nicely and has a sweet if not overpowering sound. Every time I think of selling it, I just can't bring myself to do it. Just took it out and played a few runs - nothin' at all wrong with that guitar...

I owned a great sounding Yamaha from 1974 until the 90's when I had to sell it to pay a heating bill! (single Mom) So, that was my longest, even though it is no longer with me :(

Martin 0-16NY I've owned for over 50 years and am the original I have mentioend til eveyone is tired of hearing it. Recently had it re-fretted and re-nutted and saddled. I have a R.L. Baggs M1 acoustic pickup in it...and even without hte pickup it sounds better than it did brand new.

Oh, I love those guitars.  Back in the early '80s a co-worker brought one into work that he inheirted.  He sent out a message, he had a guitar for sale, didn't know anything about it, but he'd let it go for $200.  I rushed over to his desk,  which was on another floor.  By the time I got there, it was already sold.  It was a a Martin -016NY. 

1988 Yamaha acoustic. I had this guitar for 20 years but never really learned to play it until the last year. I then sold it along with several other things and bought a Martin D-28 which I still own. In 2010 I purchased a Seagull S12.

My old MIJ Alvarez from the early 80's.  I have owned this guitar for about 30 years.  Next most recent is my Squire II MIK from the early 90's.

'77 TAMA dreadnought.... best action/tone I ever had. I just gave it to a long time buddy and musical partner.

I bought a Yamaha FG335 in 1979 for $170. It was a bank buster back then. Because I struggled with tuning I ended it putting it away for 25 years. My daughter put new strings on it and gave it back to me for my 50th birthday. The neck is straight and the action is a little bit high at the 12th fret but other than that she is pristine.  I bought a tuner and took lessons and can proudly say I learned to entertain myself. 5 years later I still play every day and I still keep the Yamaha out with the flock.

I own a Suzuki three-S, that I bought new in 1979. Still sounds good to me, and Stays in tune. But it's not up to par with my new to me, maritime SWS folk.

Yamaha FG230 12 string from 1968  still sounds GREAT( if you don't go above the 5th fret. The arched neck is what got to me to buy my 1st Seagull .


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