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I owned my poor old 1967 Silvertone by Harmony for over 45 years and currently it's in the hands of Robert Stoner who is breathing new life into it after all the years of abuse it suffered in my "care."


What guitar have you owned the longest and do you still have it??

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My 1968 Martin D-35 which I am holding in my picture.  My girlfriend (and wife now for 43 years) had a very good friend who was dating, and later married, one of the D'Addario brothers of guitar string fame. One day Richie says hey, do you want me to get you a guitar and I said sure. As I remember he showed up with the Martin and asked for $350, how lucky could I have been.  So 44 years later it is still my favorite guitar, apologies to my 4-year old Seagull Performer QII. I even have it in my will for one of my sons. I joke with other players that as it ages the guitar just keeps getting better every year and its player is trying to keep up.

My first actual guitar was a 1964 Harmony BobKat w/ 2 pickups.  I still have it, but it is in serious need of repair.  The pickups broke, and it became a project that never got completed.  I have a pic somewhere with me using it at a gig way back then.  Funny, I learned 4 chords pretty well, and barre chords, major and minor variations, and was off and running.  My band or combo, as it small bands were called back then, became pretty popular.  We played a mix of pop, rock, and a lot of soul music.  We were lucky and scored a steady gig at a KC downtown USO that held dances every Saturday night for servicemen and women who were mostly on R&R from serving in Vietnam.  Soul music was very big with those folks, and we loved playing it.  We had an electric sax player, organ player, and even a female vocalist.  We covered everthing from Beatles, Hollies, Kinks, Stones to Martha and the Vandellas, James Brown, Booker T, and Sam and Dave, and more...

That little BobKat served me well, until I saved up enough money to buy a Rick 360 and Vox Super Beatle.

She's a beauty! I am also of 1963 vintage - not in as good shape as your guitar, unfortunately... ;-)


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