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You know ... that particular charge of emotional electricity that you feel when you hear that killer opening riff ... that dynamite lead run ... or that particularly appealing lyrical phrase ... or maybe just that special moment when the artist hits that one particular note ...


We all have at least one song that fits this description.


Guitar-related or otherwise, what's that song for you?


For me, I can never listen to "Baba O'Riley" by The Who without getting that charge.  The memorable three power chords by  Pete Townshend, the exquisitely sloppy drumming by Keith Moon, and the plaintive vocals by Roger Daltry ...  the driving bass of John Entwistle.


Sally, take my hand
We'll travel south cross land
Put out the fire
And don't look past my shoulder.

The exodus is here
The happy ones are near
Let's get together
Before we get much older.

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+1 for anything from the Avetts! Man I love those guys!

Also, I'll add "You can Close your Eyes" from James Taylor/Carol King. Beautiful and very emotional for me.

Yay! Another Avett Bro's fan!!

Well, not so much a question of chilling the spine as filling the heart, but "Mary Ellen Carter" by Stan Rogers always gets a rise (again) out of me, and on the live recording, as he says "here we go" just as he begins the song, you're here we go-ing right along with him.

Of course, it's also inspiring to see how nice it is when a band shares...

And if you've already seen that clip, here's a newer interpretation

Mouthfull of caveties with Blind Melon is a great grunge duet.

Otherwise 99% of all Nick Drake songs :)

pentangle - light flight,

what do  you guys think ??

nice to play along with too (badly in my case)

Okay, new candidate.

I can't remember the last time a bit of 'background' music on a TV show had me running to the computer for details, but the following just closed this evening's episode of "House," and I was at the computer before the first post-broadcast commercial was over. Simple, quiet, beautiful.

Ben Howard. "Promise."

(The second version has lyrics and a bit of live footage, but the video at the first link just seems to suit the music so well...)

Personally, I've never heard of him before, but I'm willing to bet the YouTube and Tab pages for this song are having a significant increase in traffic tonight.

Creators of TV shows like "House" have discovered the powerful vibe they can establish with a great song behind the closing scenes of an episode.

Reminds me of the first time I ever heard Sarah MacGlachlan sing "Arms of the Angel" when it was used in the sound track of the movie "City of Angels" ... simple, spare, haunting, unforgettable.

I couldn't wait to discover the artist behind that beautiful song!  And that was before youtube, :-( 

Much like Merlin, I was watching an episode of "Justified" and heard a little slice of guitar and cello that I had to find. Turned out to be a band called Horse Feathers, and this was the tune:

I have to put here another one of Sofia Karlsson. The text is by Dan Andersson and the tune is by Thorstein Bergman. The song is "Christmas song in Finnmark". Finnmark is forest land in the middle of Sweden, which was inhabitated by the Finns in the 17th century (it was a wildmark, at that time there were no people there). It has always been a poor and remote place in Sweden with down to earth tough people. I guess, the American equivalent would be the people from the Appalachian mountais.

So here is the Youtube:

Just watched/listened to this song by "The Civil Wars" and the chills are still resonating.

Love these folks!  Unique new sound standing out among a host of unique new singers and song writers coming on the scene recently.  I was very excited to see them come on stage at the Grammys.  Couldn't believe they were relegated to a throw-away 20-second truncated opening to "Barton Hollow" while introducing Taylor Swift so she could sing an overblown version of "Why You Gotta Be So Mean" ... again. 

I've been listening/watching these folks for a couple of weeks now. Joy Williams, 'nuf said.


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