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My personal fav would be a little 1986 picture called "Crossroads" (starring Ralph Macchio and bluesman Joe Seneca with absolutely great Delta Blues guitar music dubbed by Ry Cooder. 

Clip from "Crossroads" of Robert Johnson

Second would be the 1969 classic "Easy Rider" that featured Levon Helm and The Band doing "The Weight" along with a bunch of others songs and other artists.

Clip from Easy Rider of "The Weight" by The Band

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"Roadhouse" with blind guitarist Jeff Healey was pretty good.

'nother good one!

Although an acoustic guitar picker, "Going home" by Alvin Lee and Ten Years After in "Woodstock", has made a mark in my memory.

almost famous, crazy heart, once, juno, the blues brothers

The movies kind of sappy sweet, but the music in August Rush is fantastic.  Pretty sure alot of it was Michael Hedges.

Hadn't Michael Hedges been dead for about 10 years when August Rush was releaased??

yea but theres no way that kid was playing that.

Oh, no doubt.  I was just wondering if it was Hedges' recordings used to dub the scenes or if someone else played the dubbed parts.

Haven't seen August Rush yet, but I do know that Kaki King played guitar for the movie. I HIGHLY suggest seeing her in concert if ever given the chance!


August Rush was a great movie, really liked that one. Most of the acoustic music was by Kaki King, she's an amazing young guitarist. Here's a clip:

"Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" also had some fantastic guitar music. Love that tune "Man of Constant Sorrow"...

The pick of destiny! :) Great guitar playing in that one featuring Jack Black, Dio, Dave Grohl, Meat Loaf and more...


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