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This should be fun! 

This quiz is provided by Acoustic Guitar Magazine and takes 2 minutes at most.  See what kid of guitar player you are and share it with the group .., :-) 

Click Here:

PS It turns out that I'm a cross between a "WOODSHEDDER" and a "JAMMER" ... according to the quiz, I'm in it for the love of playing music. I need a stage like an Eskimo needs more ice. My most important critic is myself. Music is my escape, and I'm at my most content locked away in that world where me and my guitar are the only two things that exist ... but, I also feel that music was meant to be played with friends. In my opinion, a perfect evening is one spent playing songs – old favorites and new ones still to be learned by heart – as part of a group. I like to keep it casual, and most important of all, I like it to be fun.

(This is a fairly good assessment of me.) 


So, what does the quiz say about you?  Is it accurate??

PPS:  Here is the link to ALL THE POSSIBLE TYPES


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What kind of player am I? A poor one. :-(

Oh come'on ... Is THAT what the quiz said??  :-0

BRother, we all statrted somewhere and decided  to 1) keep on, and 2) keep gets better. Only Time and Practice make any music happen. All the  rest just gets in the way. Peace!

Gottta tell you Jud...I didn't even tatke the quiz yet and your PS already sounds very familiar. My garage has a stage for "Me" and I am my best audience. Have lots of recording equipment and I am my best listener. Gotta take the quiz, but...already think I have the answer. I'll get back later. "Keep on pickin, Time is still tickin."


Nick ...  I have the finished 3rd floor of my house all to myself ... no recording equipment at the present time, but it's got the potential to be a nice little "studio" if I find a little extra cash.

Seems like I'm a scholarly woodshedder (or should that be shredder??). Being less than 2 years into my re-introduction to guitar playing, I tend to want to get it right when I learn a song so that when pressed to play for someone the odd slip up won't be too glaring!

I'm definately in it for my own satisfaction and don't go out of my way, at least not yet, to jump up and run off a few tunes for a group of people.

I find myself compelled to go out and perform at open mics just because it scares me to death.  A sort of self-disciplne exercise.  When a night at the mic goes well (as it does more and more often now) I get a huge sense of satisfaction!


I got the same Woodshedder result, but like you, I think you're self-assessment is spot-on for me too.  I like to play with other musicians, keeping it casual, but don't mind having things go up a notch when better musicians are in the mix.  I've been trying to bring up my flatpicking guitar skill up, and for that reason, I guess, I am practicing technique and songs over and over.  With my recent portable recorder, I've been recording myself, and using those recordings to critique and point out what I've got to work on.  Strange though, recording does have a drawback - you've got to spend some time really learning how to record too.  Recording is a skill on it's own but it's fun too, and makes me appreciate those folks who sit in the control room. 

At jams, I do like to be prepared with songs I know, but I'll take solos or try new songs others call out. One thing is right though, it is all about the music for me. 

Yes ... my "recording" thus far has been limited to my son and his iPhone, LOL ... servicable, but hardly top notch!  Sorta like my playing, I suppose ... I'd like to get some good recording equipment, but my GAS is way too serious to spend much money on gizmos that aren't guitars ... :-(

I seem to be a "woodshedder" as well. for about the last year, I FINALLY started playing at public(invitation only) jams. Not quite ready for taking a solo, but I do enjoy playing old traditional songs as well as learning new ones.Having a ball with music these daze.

Love to hear from people who are keeping it fun!  That's why I started this site :-)

It turns out I'm a "Frontman" and a "Scholar."

I guess that's a fair assessment; I always perform solo, and my background is music education.


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