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Being so enamored with the sound of open tunings and finger style on my S6 lately got me to wondering what other Gullies are playing or learning these days?  What are you working on? What just sounds so wonderful on your Seagull you always seem to want to play it?

Right now I'm cleaning up "Hana" by Masaaki Kishibe.  The song is in open D tuning.  You can find tab to most of his songs (and scores of others) here.

I'm also revisiting an old Mark Hanson song "Canyon Canon" from his "Beyond Basics:  Fingerstyle Guitar" book/CD.   It's standard tuning but his chord voicing are unusual and interesting. 

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I consider myself an advanced beginner.  I have the Mark Hanson books, all I have to do is have the time to open them.

I've been working on The Band Perry's Postcard From Paris.  It has some very nice sounds chords that my Gull makes sound even better.  

I had been working on The Beatles Yesterday (standard D tuning).  I sort of had most of it down but I got to the bridge and lost interest.

I just learned this one by John Prine called "Angel from Montgomery" ... I really enjoy playing it "travis picked" on my Seagull Artist Mosaic or strummed on my Taylor 12 :-) 



Hey Jud,

That's a good one,going to have to try it out!

I love that song!

I do that tune too, also Hello In There.

Townes - Pancho and Lefty, Gypsy Friday, If You Needed Me, For the Sake of the Song

Dylan - Tangled Up in Blue, Boots of Spanish Leather, Girl of the North Country, and When I Paint My Masterpiece

Blaze Foley - Clay Pigeons

Neil Young - Old Man, Cowgirl in the Sand, and Tell Me Why

Deep Ellum Blues, Dark Hollow, Don't Let Your Deal Go Down

I've been playing around with my parlor guitar, tuning it down a whole step, which just makes it growl.  I'll try to record a vid of my version of Robert Johnson's 32-20 Blues.  I do it as an instrumental rather than sing the lyrics, though.

Phil ... We have very similar play lists ... ;-)

Me too. :-)

Mother's Tears by Peppino D'Agostino. The tuning is EBEGAD. D'Agostino, of course, wrote and performs this on his Seagull dreadnought. I tried playing it on all of my guitars, but it sounds a little thin of my Coastline Folk, it just doesn't sound right on long scale Yamahas (maybe psychological?), but this song played on my S6 (with its screaming harmonics) will rip your heart right out of your chest.

I've been stuck on Bill Withers for a while now. Some Sunday morning Blues show came on the radio and played "Use Me". I was so stuck on it. Just two chords with a great bass line. E7#9 to an A7, but because it is down the neck at the 7th it is very easy to move all over the guitar for fill ins.

And the song is infectious!!!!!!!!!! Played it out 3 or 4 times now and everybody starts whoopin' and clappin'!!!!!! Simple but complicated enough.

Love it!


@Michael:  "I said brother if you only knew you'd wish that you were in my shoes
You just keep on using me until you use me up"  :))))))

I said Baby, (Clap) Baby (Clap,Clap)Baby da Baby! When you love me I can't get enough!!!!

Man I love that song!!!

@Jud - There is a really bad recording of "With or Without You" that I did on my You Tube page at "mijoswift". I am re-doing my music room and hope to put some more up there this weekend. Mr Withers will be up there Too!!!!

Hey folks ... how about pulling out the iPhone or whatever recording device you have and putting some of these up on Youtube for the rest of us to enjoy.   We need some more stuff on the "Member Performance" page!  :-)


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