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Okay, perhaps I'm incriminating myself by posting this, but it's just as well if this prevents someone else from making this mistake! :) This is on my primary guitar, Seagull's Performer Series Mini Jumbo. 

Clearly, the first attempt went straight into a bolt, even though I followed Seagull's installation instructions (which can be found here: 

The successful attempt ended up being 1-1/8" from the bottom of the neck heel (as the guitar lies flat, in this photo I suppose it would be left of the bottom)

Again, I hope someone benefits from this.


To hear it in action, (not to seem spammy or anything) visit! Thanks! 

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Whoa. I feel for you. I was pretty nervous about installing mine on my Coastline S6 Spruce. I measured 2 3/16 down from where the finger board is attached to the neck and I got lucky. The guitar sounds good.

Wow ...  kinda scary that following the precise Godin template still runs into trouble!  Now I'm antsy about even trying it on my own :-(

Hey rlv - what year is your S6?  Check out the "Old Seagull S6" discussion in the group - that guitar's label looks like yours in your profile pic - think it started with a 51 - a 5 digit serial number.  It's probably similar in vintage to yours...

Thanks for the insight, riv! 

I've discovered this as well while trying to install one on my S&P Parlor. When doing the measurements according to the S&P site the button will be sitting closer to the fretboard. 

Okay, so riddle me this, Batman.  Why can't  I install a button on the side if I reinforce that area?   Possibly a piece of hardwood on the inside that the screw goes into.... 





I have a Seagull Performer, and my strap button is more toward the side - you just have to make sure you don't hit the bolt...

Yep ... the 2002 M6 Gloss I bought has the strap button installed on the bottom side of the heel.

First pic is how I first measured.

Second pic is how I should have measured. I put the button where Godin suggest it on their site because of the shortened heel the strap would have been hard to put on and remove because it would have been too close to the body.

Man am I gald I didn't drill when I first measured. Remember everyone. MEASURE TWICE (OR MORE) DRILL ONCE.


I saw a Seagull at the shop the other day and it had the strap button on the upper bout (LP Style). The sales guy told me that's where Godin is putting them. I hoping that it's only on certain guitars because if it's on all that would suck. 

To the best of my knowledge, Seagull is not installing strap buttons at all in the factory, on any models.  I suppose that may have changed for some 2012 models ... but no Seagull I've ever seen had a factory installed strap button.  They only had end pins.

That is my understanding as well.


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