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I have a A&L AMI folk guitar and after removing the rubber rosette it looked kinda naked and I was thinking of adding some ornamentation via wood burning .. has anyone done this and is it safe for cedar?

Thanks for any advice or tips,


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Susi ... My Seagull S-6 is cedar, but I'm not sure about wood burning.   used to burn decorations into random pieces of wood as a youngster, but I've never done it on anything I valued highly.  Not because it wouldn't look great done by an expert, I'm just not artisitc enough to take a chance!  Maybe someone will join that knows.  Or you might try asking the folks at Godin via e-mail.  I've found them to be pretty responsive.  Good luck!
Thanks! that's a good idea!

Here's some woodburning I did on a cigar box resonator I built a while back. not sure how the iron would work on finished wood, though. can't blame you for getting rid of that awful fake rosette on the A&L. I know Godin saves money on this for their "value" line, but they ought to come up with a better solution than this.


I want to do it myself! I did end up wood burning my fiddle and it looks pretty cool! 

Like the old joke about Carnegie Hall, practice, practice, practice. On the cbg above, I'd already done most of the work on the box, cutting, bracing, electronics etc. before I decided to do the artwork. Not a lot of investment other than time (it's a cigar box, after all) but I didn't want to screw it up either. Same for my headstock logo:

so work out your designs on paper and practice your drawing/burning techniques on scrap first. And if you're burning through a finish, you should wear a suitable mask or keep a small fan nearby. One other suggestion to dress up your plain jane A&L is to route out a ring and install a rosette, made or purchased.


I have had some artwork done on a couple of my seagulls.. on the main site page there is a photo section ,, photo's 66 to77- I think are some pics of one. put on here I guess by the artist that did it. Also if you can search the main forum for 1980s seagull there is more and the other guitar. I am new here and don't know how to move them to seagull talk or I would. would like to have other peoples opinion of them too. Anyway I personally think it could be done with wood burning or paint as you can see from mine finding the right local artist is the trick..also if you like I can go through a couple of steps that I think are important.....good luck

Thanks for the tips, Ron. I am an artist so would do this myself. I ended up selling the AMI, and now just have my baby Taylor and my artist Seagull. I did woodburn my fiddle and very happy with it. I will try and find the images you mentioned


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