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* LISTEN TO/WATCH PERFORMANCES by our Seagull forum members ...

Here are some links to performances by "Seagull Spoken Here" members who have produced videos/audios of themselves in action.  If I've missed yours, please send me the link!

"Loon and the Mist" by Robert Williamson 

"Forever and Ever Amen" Randy Travis cover by Tony K (Seagull Coastline Folk)

:Hands Together" original by Alan Edmunds (Seagull Artist Studio)

"Instrumental" by FloridaGull (Walden)

"Blood Moon Rising" by Robert Williamson aka Bobbie Mcmahon (Seagull S-6)

"Jewel from the Lost and Found" by Phil Manuel (Martin HD-28)

"Dink's Song: Fare Thee Well" Michael Schwartz (Martin Judy Collins Sig 12-string)

"Standing at the Head of the Line" original by Adriaan Roggeveen (Seagull Artist Mosaic)

"One Last River" original by Adriaan Roggeveen (Seagull Artist Mosaic)


"Don't Grow Up, It's a Trap" original by Jonah Lake (Seagull Performer)

"Michigan" Milk Carton Kids cover by Phil Manuel

Ray Vignovich various covers and originals


"Norwegian Wood" cover by Hoosier Picker (Mark Young) on Seagull Coastline 12-string

"Oh Holy Night" by Nick Lubbers on Seagull Folk


"There'll be No U-Haul Trailer on Your Coffin" by Adriaan Roggeveen (Seagull Artist Mosaic)


"Seattle" and "Blessing & Burning" by Morgan Finlay (Seagull Artist Cameo)


"Good Morning Life" by Jonah Lake (Seagull Performer)


"The Same Remains" and "On the Way to War" by Jason Derrick (Breedlove ... but he does own a Norman, we promise!)


"Pier 9" by Dane Whitley (He owns a Seagull Performer Mini-Jumbo)


"Mystic Dance" by Folkguitarist [Vladislav of White Night] (Seagull Artist Cameo)


"The County Library" by Walt Pilcher (on his Taylor, not his Gull parlor)


"It Hasn't Hit me Yet" by Craig Fowler (Little Martin) and "Landslide" by Craig Fowler and his daughter (Seagull Maritime SWS)


"Wish You Were Here" audio by Pascal Proust (Art & Lutherie)


"She Talks to Angels" by John Culver on his Alvarez (while he waits for his Seagull Maritime QI to be delivered! :-)

"Orphan Girl" and "The Boxer" performed by Michael Schwartz


"Vestapol" performed by Phil Manuel on his little Seagull Grand Artist


"Brown Eyed Girl" and "Rainbow Connection" performed by David L. and "Class Act Trio"


Covers and Originals by Jud Hair

"Boulder Canyon" ... original (Eastman AC508M tuned to DADGAD)

"The Horseman" ...  original (Eastman AC508M tuned to DADGAD)

"Before I Feel the Rain" ... original (Martin D-18)

"Merced River" ... original (Seagull Artist Mosaic QII)

"Endless Horizon" ... original (Seagull Artist Mosaic QII) 

"A New Release" original (Seagull Artist Mosaic QII)

"Pancho & Lefty" Townes Van Zandt cover (Seagull Artist Mosiac QII)

"Take Me Home Country Roads" John Denver cover (Seagull Artist Mosaic QII)

"My Girl" Temptations cover (Taylor GA3)

"Tecumseh Valley" Townes Van Zandt cover ( Seagull Artist Mosaic)

Colours" Donovan cover (Simon & Patrick Cedar Folk)

"The Old Laughing Lady" Neil Young cover (Seagull Artist Mosaic QII)

"Lucky Now" Ryan Adams cover (Simon & Patrick Cedar folk)

"Blessing & Burning" Morgan Finlay cover (Seagull Artist Mosaic QII)

"Wagon Wheel" Old Crow Medicine 'Show cover (Simon & Patrick Cedar Folk)




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