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"Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)


"Seagull" Spoken Here ... (also fluent in "Godin" Gab)

By far the most active brand-dedicated group in the AGM online community!!  For those who own, play and love their Seagull Guitars ... (or any other Godin acoustic) wonderful, top-quality instruments made in Canada, Seagulls (as well as Godin, Simon & Patrick, Norman, Art & Lutherie, La Patrie, and Richmond) are ideal choices for anyone who wants a first-rate guitar for a reasonable investment.



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Three Gulls Roasting by an open fire ....

Discussion Forum

Seagull Entourage Rustic Concert Hall Cutaway Q1T model 30 Replies

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The New 2015 Seagull Artist Concert Hall 7 Replies

Hey Folks,Anyone out there have the full (or partial ) specs on this new beauty from our friends in Quebec?All I've seen so far are pictures from NAMM.  Sure looks like something I'd be interested in…Continue

Started by Fred Parczewski. Last reply by Elton Bloye 4 hours ago.

New guitar very soon. 43 Replies

Looks like I may be getting a Simon and Patrick, sunburst pro parlour guitar.Any one have a comment on them or own one.Was looking to get the new folk guitar, the concert model, but would take ages…Continue

Started by Derick Chatfield. Last reply by Derick Chatfield 13 hours ago.

Thumb pick or not. 30 Replies

HiBeen finger picking very bad for many years.Got an attack of sore thumb.So sent off for some, Fred Kelly Delrin Slick Thumb Picks.Do any of you use a thumb pick, if so are they good, bad, easy to…Continue

Started by Derick Chatfield. Last reply by Alan Cargile on Tuesday.

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Comment by Stephen Leigh yesterday

Thanks for the comment, Alan -- I'll try capo-ing it up a notch.

Comment by Alan Edmunds yesterday

Very nice Stephen....but if I may, I suggest you do it at least one half-tone or a full tone higher. Your voice sounds like it has untapped higher end while you seem to be bottoming out on the lowest parts of the song. This would liven/brighten the song overall. (I offer this from years and years of auditioning folks for musical theatre)

Very good for someone who modestly considers his singing to be caterwauling :)

Comment by Stephen Leigh yesterday

As it happens, I have a new book coming out next month (THE CROW OF CONNEMARA), and since it's set in Ireland and one of the main characters is a musician, I thought it would be nice to learn a songs or two I mention in the book. That way, I could drag along my Seagull to a few of the readings/signings I'll be doing next month, and sing a bit as well as reading.  So I've been learning a couple tunes, and thought some here might be interested in hearing my caterwauling.  This was recorded (I hasten to add) directly through my laptop's built-in mic, so it's rather, uh, "lo-fi"...  Anyway, here's the link if you want to take a listen to an old idiot practicing:

Comment by Dave Fengler yesterday

My GAS has been completely extinguished by CAS, Car Acquisition Syndrome.  I put a deposit down on a 2012 Honda Civic LX with 8400 miles to replace my 1998 Civic DX with 218,000 miles.  Yea, it's not much but I just need basic transportation to get back and forth to work.  And it comes with a nice loan payment for the next 6 years!  No more guitars for a long while.  I have too many anyway.

Comment by Robert Williamson on Wednesday


i dreamt about walking home with 4 new guitars... (the martin, the taylor and 2 seagulls

and it was a nightmare cause i could not hang them all up...

a GASmare!

Comment by Martin van Dooremalen on Wednesday

Alan, I have the O-Port in my Creme Brulee but can't say I notice any difference from the playing perspective down in my office/music room where I only play acoustically, and at church I always plug in. It was a Christmas gift from one of my daughters and I wanted it for my 12 string. I asked for it based on the videos in which I could hear a tonal difference as well as for some minor feedback suppression . I e-mailed D'Addario about cutting a piece out of to fit around the circuit board electronics on my 12 and they said it probably would work but I haven't bothered trying it and ruining a gift.

Comment by Alan Cargile on Tuesday

Martin, have you tried the O-Port on your Creme Brulee. Are these O-Ports any good.

Comment by Robert Williamson on Tuesday


seem like GAS fever is spreading?

that martin was about 800... i didn understand

i thought they were all 3000$

.. Martin trying to muscle in on Seagulls "pr'| price point

Comment by Martin van Dooremalen on Tuesday

I took the tension off the strings on my 12 string enough to take the ball ends out of the bridge to try and put a D'Addario O-Port in it but the electronics interfered with it so I took it out, put the strings back in the bridge and re-tensioned them, put my Snark tuner on the headstock and called it done all in about 20 minutes.

Understandably removing the strings completely and putting fresh ones on will take longer but two weeks? And the strings will have to settle a bit  to hold tuning but another two weeks? If that's the case when I do a string change on my 12 I'll seriously consider selling it or take it to the dealer for future string changes.

I much prefer the S12 to the Excursion Walnut 12 personally for tone, and if you want electronics on it the Excursion has the Fishman Isys+, the S12 has the QI for about $100-ish dollars more (I think).

Comment by Alan Cargile on Tuesday

I had forgot about the excursion 12 string. Maybe I should check one out. Thanks for the tip, Robert. I hear ya Derick. I hope that some of that stuff you heard isn't true but I have thought about restinging. That's got to be a test in patience! lol. Thinks for the support and comments guys! Elton I really like that guitar a lot. Even more to think about. ;-)


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