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I've been playing for about a year, mostly fingerstyle. Recently, however, I've been using my pick more, and playing strumming songs. This has been a lot of fun, but one problem that keeps coming up is that as I'm strumming, the pick rotates 90 degrees, such that the broad side is in contact with the strings. This obviously is a problem. I play right handed and use Dunlop picks with the grips. Should a just be holding the pick tighter in my fingers?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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I've been at this about 2 1/2 years and normally play with a pick.  I found that the light picks with the gripper nibs work really well for me.  If I go to a medium pick without the gripper nibs, they want to rotate just as you mention.  I solved this with some very thin 2-sided tape.  I put it on one side of the pick and it almost "glues" the pick to my thumb/finger.  It works really well for me.    Recently, by accident, I found another product caled "co-ban".  It's a thin, non-adhesive bandaging tape that sticks to itself.  One wrap of that around my index finger, and the pick stays put.  Hope this helps.  Keeping It Fun, Dean

I would suggest you explore the proper way to hold the guitar and  the pick, as well as the correct way to attack the strings.  If all these are done correctly, the pick will not move, whether or not it has grips.

I suggest you investigate 'The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar' by Jamie Andreas.

Keep at it.  It gets better. I promise.

Gary was reading your post...I am a newbie and wonder where do I find the article or book you suggested by Jamie Andreas??  Would like to check that out.  thank you, Pavanne


Her website is

Her basic premise is go slow and stay relaxed.

Happy reading.

Play well and play often.

thank you Gary, I will check it out today.


Andrew, Everybody uses their pick differently, you have to find what works for you.  You will find that you can reposition the pick as you are playing.  Or if you are thrashing your guitar without a pause for the whole song and really don't have time to reposition your pick, then you probably need to add a little more variety to your strum, including some little pauses than will let you adjust your pick, as well as enhance the performance.  Do not hold the pick in a death grip.  You can squeeze it to get a booming bass note when you need it, but relax on the strum.  Don't try to play loud every stroke.  Hold back so you can vary your volume to enhance the performance.  Many people like to have their pick angled a little in one direction or the other instead of pointing straight at the strings.  Some people turn their pick upside down and use the broad side to do lightning fast picking.  If something seems to be working for you, don't fight it.


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