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Hey all,

As an online guitar instructor, I especially love creating beginner-friendly lessons and resources that focus on getting right into enjoying the music, even on a pretty basic level.

I just wanted to let you know I've just published a songbook and instructional DVD called 

The Easiest Holiday Songs Ever for Guitar: 12 Classics You Can Play with Just 3 Easy Chords.

The whole collection can be played with just the chords G, C, and D.

There are free sample songs available at the site, if you'd like to give it a try.

Also, just posted some sample video lessons for easy holiday guitar songs here on Acoustic Guitar. Enjoy!

Best wishes, 


Lisa McCormick

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I just had a look at these and Lisa has done a great job. I went ahead and downloaded the e-book -- it's only $10. I think many of the new players here will find this music very easy to work with and very fun.

Hi Everyone,

I tried out the free downloads on some of my little students and it went really well.  I also got Lisa's book.  It's only $10 for electronic download and a great way for a new player to learn some really nice Christmas Carols.  If you get together with a guitar buddy -- one person can strum the chords, while the second person plays the tab.  Very fun stuff.  Thanks Lisa for a really nice resource for new learners -- I always appreciate these kinds of resources!


Donna Z

Dear Donna, 

Thanks so much for your comments! As a fellow guitar-teacher who has used these materials with my own students for years, it does my heart good to know you are finding them useful and enjoyable with your own students.

I'm getting some lovely feedback from people who are using the book to make music with their friends and families during the holidays. Got this note from a Dad yesterday:


"I was wanting to learn some Christmas so that my son and I could play during Christmas breakfast at my Mom's. So I ordered your dvd and song book, got it last night and went through the whole dvd. WOW!!! Something must have clicked I seemed to pick it right up and start playing. I think it's going to be great and I can't wait to get home today and start working on learning the songs."


Sounds like Mom is in for a breakfast serenade. Gotta love G, C and D.

Best wishes, Lisa 


Hi Lisa,

Same thing for me.  My youngest daughter is also taking guitar lessons.  These are songs we can play together, which makes it more fun.  They are easy to play.  So this year we can add something new to our Christmas celebration - playing and singing by the fire.  Cool!

I got my little niece a ukulele for her birthday in November. I am hoping she and I can use the book when I see her at Christmas to sketch out a song or two. Even if she just strums along on the open strings, that will be fun!

Hi Lisa,

I teach the tiny ones ukulele.  The easiest chords to start with on uke are C, F, and G7.  So just transpose the songs to key of C, and you will have a ball with your neice.

Exactly. One, Four, Five. It's all good.
Have a wonderful holiday, Donna.
All best wishes,

I agree with everyone here these are great songs for the beginner to learn, I went ahead and purchased the ebook as well. Made a copy for me and one for my grandson who's taking guitar lessons at school, going to add it to his Christmas gift. I'm giving him the Fender starter pack that I bought for myself last year. I purchased an early Christmas/Birthday gift for myself last month, a Takamine GS430S.

Maybe next year we can put on a show for the family.




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