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Finally found the perfect guitar for my needs and highly recommend it!

I am a newbie and only been taking lessons for a few months. I started off with an old Alveraz I bought years ago and really like it, but the set up is a little high and I wanted a 'new' guitar to get me motivated.. so I bought a Seagull Artist Mosaic, which sounds great and I love it , but found it is a little bigger than I like and so I kept picking up my old Alveraz.. Then I started researching Parlor guitars and the Art & Lutherie AMI guitars (same people who make Seagull 'Godin) kept popping up all over the net with many happy players, so decided to give it a try. I found one at Robb's Music for only $269 , got the antique Burst solid cedar top and I LOVE IT! This guitar is the perfect size for me, fits right in my lap and I love the short scale neck! The set up was perfect out of the box and after changing strings to DiDarreio Lights, this baby resonates beautifully with a much better sound than my Alveraz and every bit as good as my Artist. I am practicing more than  ever now because this guitar is much kinder to the fingers and it is small enough to hang out on the couch with and throw in the car. It came with a nice soft case and with the sold cedar top and cherry sides, it is a handsome little guy. The only thing I found annoying was the rubber rosette , but it came right off just with my finger nails and looks so much better without it. I am now tackling the F chord with my new baby! LOVE this guitar and it loves me!!

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Sweeeeeeet! Congratulations!
All Right Susi! little acoustics are great!....I just love comfortable to play.No dreadnought shoulder! Diminished problems with the bio mechanical issues of playing the guitar...and sshhh...don't tell anyone, but these little guitars can get real loud!!
I know right! My instructors eyes lit up when he played it and could not believe how affordable it is. He even wants one now! He said Joan Baez plays the same size (hers is a Martin Parlor)
I have 2 Seagulls a 6 and a 12 String, they are very nice guitars. It would have been nice if Seagull would have made more lefthanded guitars
I have a left handed friend who learned on a regular guitar and said he found he had an advantage because his left hand was stronger for chords. But I can't imagine playing that way, he started as a child though , so that was why he adapted so well. I love the Godin Company, their work ,their story, their products.. would love to visit LaPetrie some day
Wow Susie - that is so great! I am super excited to read this post. I have so many students that need a small acoustic and they are hard to find. This sounds ideal! Seems like only the smaller stores carry these - there are a few dealers in my area, but it will be about an hour's drive. Sounds like it's worth it to go and check it out though. Thanks so much for posting this!

Thanks Donna! Yes, they are hard to find so I ordered mine online, actually got it in a Ebay auction from a good music store with great ratings, (Robb's in Colorado) so I felt secure ordering from them. Amazon has a few as well. But hey, an hour drive ain't bad , that is my closest one as well. :)
That is a GREAT git! I had 2 parlours on my short list when I was looking. I wanted an Epiphone EL-00 (the Gibson L-00 is just WAY out of my price range as a newbie) or the A&L Ami. I just happened to find a great deal on a used Epi, so snapped it up. If I hadn't found it, the Ami would have been my choice. I love the small body git. I'm sitting here on the couch right now with the little guy "plunking" while watching a baseball game. You'll definitely LOVE the small body. I do!! Enjoy and Keep it FUN!!! Dean
Yes, it is a great day when you meet the compatible guitar!! I do love my little AMI (cool that it means "Friend" in french)
That's too cool Suzi ! Finally finding that perfect match is such a rare and lucky accomplishment.. Wait a minute... Are we still talking about guitars?

Ha! Yep, guitar!


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