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Hi there I'm new to the community and staring my journey. My dream is to get back into performing not just as a singer but a guitarist /singer. I am now taking lessons in guitar, but what can I do to start playing guitar in front of people? What should I look for in starting venues?  Thanks!

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Try open mics at coffee houses, winery's or festivals. Go practice in the park on a nice day.

Good Luck & Welcome

I've embarked on a similar journey as of last May. Here's what I've done that has seemed to help:

a. If you can teach, consider looking for part-time work as a music specialist for a house of worship or private school (these do not often require teacher certification if there's enough experience on your resume). I went back to my old job teaching in a synagogue religious school and the extra guitar time has really helped me shake off the rust and hone new skills.

b. Look for small, newer venues like coffeehouses and pubs that seat 50 or fewer people -- if it's a brand-new venue they're looking for musicians to help bring in customers, and they'll often be more receptive to bringing a new or re-establishing artist.

c. Ask your teacher for ideas. See if your teacher offers an area recital (where all his/her students play for each other in an informal, open critique setting), if not ask. 

d. Take your guitar to work and play during your breaks. (I keep a small travel guitar at the bike shop where I'm a mechanic and now that the weather's warmed up it's really nice to sit outside and play.)

e. I play for ten minutes every morning before going to work. For me it seems to be about consistency rather than length of practice session.

Good luck!

Thanks Deny for your suggestions!!
Thank you Beth! This was very helpful!

How about street fairs and open-air markets? In my neighborhood, we have a weekly farmers market that runs from June through early October. Last year, they had musicians from the Old Town School of folk music. That was a treat. Welcome to the group, and good luck!

Thank you for your great idea, Rosemary! I hope to talk to you, Deny, and Beth with some good news of how I am doing.

Welcome to the Acoustic Newb group, Amandula.  Glad to see you are already getting some good input!


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