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I have a problem.  My pick rotates on me.  I usually play in a "root-strum" fashion - very easy, comfortable and unchallenging.  No problem holding onto the pick there.  But whenever I start to do a "down-up" rhythm pattern, the pick slips. More accurately, it rotates clockwise.  At some point I have to pause and re-grip it.  If I try to hold it more tightly to prevent it from slipping, it sounds like I'm dragging or scraping it across the strings and sounds awful.
Any suggestions?


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There are some picks that have a texture to them so (presumably) there'll be less chance of slipping. If can't afford or find one that you can live with, try either a small piece of tape or sanding the surface a bit with some wet/dry sandpaper.
I used to have that problem until I found V-picks, Bought their acoustic sample pack, been using them ever since. They are made from a material that sticks to warm skin even though the picks are very smooth. They slide a little if my hands are cold but after playing a couple songs they work great. Before that I found "Gorilla Snot" (sold at most music stores) worked well. I tried "Cat Tongue" picks I even drilled small holes in my picks.

I suggest you try V=Picks.

I would suggest you check out the Snarling Dogs Brain Picks They come in assorted color coded gauges ranging from .53mm to 1.14mm.
Believe it or not, I am not kidding here, there is a substance called "Gorilla Snot" that is like rubber cement and a little on a pick keeps it from slipping...

There are also picks with a rough area on the part you hold, as well as ones with a series of little holes in them to grip.

Hope this helps! Edward
Whew, when I first saw the subject of this discussion I kind of misread it and wondered if I was on the wrong forum. :-) Anyway I've had the same problem and I've been trying different picks and haven't been completely satisfied with any of them yet. I think I'll try the V picks before resorting to the Gorilla Snot. I'm playing with the Star Picks now but I still get slippage.
I have the exact same problem. I've tried several types of picks (not the V-Pick or Gorilla Snot) and while some work better, none work as well as I'd like. What I've taken to doing (teachers close your eyes here!!) is sing my second finger as additional support so I'm holding the pick with thumb and 2 fingers when full strum and thumb and index finger when picking notes.
Michael - That's more or less how I've been compensating. I hold the pick between my thumb and middle finger, using my index finger as a brace against the side of the pick to keep it from moving/turning. I don't like doing things "my own way." I suspect I might just be developing another bad habit that will catch up to me sooner or later.
I've been playing for just about a year now. I've had the same problem, but it's getting better. At first it was terrible--the pick would slide all over the place, especially with down-up strumming. Now it's much better. I just use regular medium-gauge Fender picks. Which is just to say, it's getting better with practice as I learn how much pressure to put on the pick and how to strum more relaxedly. I think it's a pretty common problem for us beginners. But it will get better!

I am ordering those v-picks though, they sound great.
I'm NO expert, but I would just ask my instructor what is wrong with using your thumb and 2 fingers and what trouble you can get into to the future. If there are no severe adverse consequences, go with what you are comfortable with. My coach uses the thumb/2-finger grip when he plays with his home-made picks. I use the conventional grip most of the time, but on occasion, use the "unconventional" grip. Whatever works at the time. Just as long as you're having fun. BTW, I've been at this git thing for about a year, also. Dean
Thank you gang,
My V-Picks are on the way. I bought a "starter kit" that has samples of all their offerings. There were so many variations I got confused. It cost me $19.95. They advertise small, medium, pointed , rounded, lite, ultralite, etc. The confusing part was that they are all thicker than normal picks. So a "medium" wasn't like the medium we are accustomed to.
The theory is that they are made of a special acrylic that sticks to your fingers without making your fingers sticky.
Thanks again for your advice. I'll keep you posted on how they work.
I just received my V-picks. I ordered three medium acoustics. I wish I knew about the size. They are huge and harder than regular medium gauge acoustic picks. I'll give them a try but I'm not sure I like their size or feel. They are sticky though.
If you continue having trouble with the V pick you might want to check out the brain picks by snarling dog are really great picks and come in different gauges. (color coded)



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