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I have a problem.  My pick rotates on me.  I usually play in a "root-strum" fashion - very easy, comfortable and unchallenging.  No problem holding onto the pick there.  But whenever I start to do a "down-up" rhythm pattern, the pick slips. More accurately, it rotates clockwise.  At some point I have to pause and re-grip it.  If I try to hold it more tightly to prevent it from slipping, it sounds like I'm dragging or scraping it across the strings and sounds awful.
Any suggestions?


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Dean's comment made remember something I saw at acoustic kamp in June. A guy had taken a narrow (1/4") strip of velcro, wrapped it around his thumb, then glued a pick into position. Then just slid the velcro & pick on and of his thumb.
There is a local group that meets once a week to play bluegrass and bluegrass gospel. A friend who sometimes plays in that group recently told me about a man in the group who had been playing acoustic guitar with this group for years. That man had a stroke or some type of health problem that rendered him unable to consistantly hold a flatpick. Someone in the group came up with a similar solution using velcro or double sided carpet tape to help the man hold his pick and continue playing his guitar. Isn't it great to hear stories like that where someone who loves music and loves to play is able to continue playing?
wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a thumbpick? I know I've seen a model made that looks like a 351 with a loop attached.
Thumb picks I've tried position the pick at 90 degrees to the thumb which may be fine for picking. I notice when I hold a pick it's at some other angle to the thumb. So I guess putting something around your thumb then attaching the pick at whatever angle is comfortable for you would work better.

One thing I've recently discovered is that when the pick is slippery... that means my finger and thumb are too oily.  Washing my hands helps.  If I don't wash my hands, I take an alcohol swab... rub it between my thumb and finger, then wipe off the pick as well.  Works wonders!!! 


I've also used a 1/16" drill bit to drill some small holes in the pick.  Rubbing the pick with sandpaper works good.


I have the opposite problem as well.... wanting a pick that's MORE slippery.  I love Tortex picks because they feel great grip wise... but they drag too much on the strings.  And I don't think they sound as good as celluloid once you get to the 1.0 blue Tortex.  .88 green sounds good though.

I just found a great product.  I developed a trigger finger.  The hand specialist gave me a shot for it and told me to keep it wrapped at night when sleeping.  He gave me a 3M product called "coban" to wrap my finger.  I tried a piece on my index finger to grap my pick.  It worked GREAT.  It is NON-adhesive but sticks to itself.   Keeping It Fun, Dean

So that's what's going on with my hand - trigger finger?  For a number of weeks when I open my hand in the morning my fingers - mainly the middle one - resist opening and suddenly - pop!  It feels looser as the day goes on but is closely related to how long I practiced the day before.  I'll get some Coban and see if it helps both problems.

The cortisone shot gave me instant relief. I need to do the nightly wrap for about 6 weeks to get it totally "healed". I tried to get the doc to find me "guitar players" hand for a transplant. He wouldn't buy into it. Keeping It Fun, Dean


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