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I'll have some worthwhile links for guitarists and my website will be dedicated to music.  Some of the links will be for Guitar Center sale items and JustCloud, which is for secure file storage, but I'll also be adding some Freebies and guitar articles.  One of those I've already added and it's a page full of links for Lyrics.

Also there is a link to one of the best instructors I've found.  That may be of interest to some of you in this group.

I work on stringed instruments and my business in Auburn, Alabama is Fretwalker Guitar Service.  My guitar setups always include hand-carved fossil bone saddles and my clients are worldwide.  I've been working on guitars since I received a high end Martin when I was 12 years old and fell in love with guitars.  My wife, Phyllis, is a graduate of William and Mary and Auburn University, where she attained her Masters Degree in Music.  Thats a bit intimidating for me because I'm musically challenged and only do what my fingers allow on the guitar, mostly chords.

Please let me know what you might like to see on my website.  My email address is there also, so if you have any guitar related questions feel free to ask.  I might have the answer for you :-)

Everyone loves to have Lyrics that can be copied and printed.  My new Lyrics Page is  All the links are to totally FREE Lyrics and free tabs and chords will follow when I have time to do so.

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