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I've been playing guitar for 14 months.  I sat down this afternoon for my daily guitar practice session and the wheels came off.  I went through my normal warmup routines,  practiced my chord progressions and decided to play some of the songs I know instead of the new songs I've been working on.  Suddenly it was like I had no control over my fingers as I was hitting some horrible notes and wondering where the hell that came from.  Well, I tried again and hit a couple of notes that would curdle milk.  I decided to call it a day rather than get frustrated and mad with myself.  I've had days like this before but it has been a while since the last time this happened.  Am I just a klutz or does this happen to other new players?

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I've also been at this git thing a bit over a year. Trust me, you are not unique in this problem. I encounter the same thing. I just look at it as my fingers reminding me who REALLY is in charge. I set the git down, go find something else to do for a while, go back and everything is back to the way it was. At 61 years of age, I have more important things to worry about than a BUMP in my guitar journey and I'm sure you do too. Just KEEP IT FUN, Dean.
You're no klutz Jesse, least wise on the guitar. I don't know you to say about anything else......anywho ; )
When I focus to much on the new stuff and neglect the old stuff the old stuff gets lost. The old saying "you don't use, you loose it". Likewise, you don't play it, it goes away. That's why as part of my practice I be sure to do at least a couple of the songs I've known for awhile and mix them up with each practice. Bottom line, you're not alone my guitar playin' friend.
Yep! I can relate!! Just keep on keeping on and it will work itself out!
My teacher , who has been playing for 25 years told me there are days he picks up his fiddle and he can tell by the first note that he does not 'have his groove on ' :)
Yup Jesse... As the others said, you're quite normal! (If you never had these problems then I'd be inclined to think you were weird. )

I'm only a rank beginner, but I've already completely forgotten entire songs that I used to be able to play!
Plus, there are those days when I simply can't make my fingers do anything that they don't feel like doing. I agree with Dean, I'm pretty sure they just occasionally have to remind us that they're the ones who get to say whether or not we're gonna play today.

We all have days like that hang in there
My Momma said the same thing! Happens to us old player as well...I have been playing for over 30 years and I can tell you that there are times when the fingers and the brain just disconnect! I just have to hope that it's during practice and not during a paying gig! I will remember a Db9 chord and just can't get my hands to pick out the bass notes during a song lead in over a simple C chord! It's just the way it is...revel in the moments when everything comes together and don't forget that feeling when thongs do not! Keep at it, those golden moments will outshine the not-so-golden moments...I promise!
I can relate! I have some days when it seems as if I keep hitting the wrong strings, my chords sound awful, and I feel overwhelmed. Then there are those occasional moments when I feel as if something finally clicks. Those moments of progress, even if it's minor progress, help me to keep going. I think all guitar players probably have rough days, even those who have been playing for a long time.
I definitely have days like that. My brain and fingers seem to not be connected. I also play drums and have the same problem. I've played the drums for over 30 years. Some days you have the groove and some days the extremities seem to go off on their own direction. Hang in there.
I been learning guitar for about 8 months now and have that problem frequently. Some of the reading I did on it suggests that we have a somewhat confused understanding of how our body works and how we learn new physical skills like playing a guitar for driving a golf ball. From what I understand, we humans don't just learn something in some orderly progression. We actually move forward in our skills in bursts (lots of burst when we start, and smaller and less frequent busts of new ability when we get more skilled) but we also move backwards for a time as things in our brains and nervous systems readjust and do other things it needs to do to get that fine motor control.
I would say that this getting all tied up is actually a good sign in that it is natural, shows you are learning something, and heading to a new skill level. It is really not a backwards slide in your ability. That is how I am looking at it anyway when it happens to me.

Happens to me frequently - I am 56 and been playing for about 2 years - i have learnt a lot in that 2 years, mostly about how much I still have to learn.  One of the best lessons, and one that has kept me sane, was the day I realised that there would be days when it is easy and other days when the wheels come off and that the best course of action when that happens is to listen to what your fingers are trying to tell you, stop and come back to it another time.  Not only does that prevent frustration but - miracle of miracles - when you come back it will fly, I promise you.


Good luck


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