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hello fellow newbs!

Tom here from Long Island, NY.  I'm 46. I've been playing for about 6 months.  I played when I was a teen so I have a little under my belt.  I've been working with the Alfred - Complete Acoustic Guitar Method, books 1,2 and 3 (great books btw) and Keith Wyatt's Fender dvd.  I've also started getting into fingerstyle (I like a lot of "projects).  My guitar is a Yamaha FG700s.

Looking forward to this group.


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Welcome to the group, Tom. Browse around for interesting discussions here and in the Forum section, or in other groups too. You should have a lot of fun.
Hi Tom,
Welcome to the Newbies group! I've been here about a year and have found great support, information, sharing, and new friends. I'm learning finger style, too.

Hi Tom,
Welcome--I've only been around for a few weeks and have already gotten lots of great ideas and sharing from other members.
I just returned from my first Blues lesson--a group of 6--what a blast!
Anyway, hope you find this to be a fun endeavor.
Walt, Peg and Sandy,

thanks for the warm welcomes.

Hey Tom,
Welcome to the group! I have been playing guitar for darn near 40 years, a good bit of that professionally, and I can tell you that the this group is for everyone...I have learned tons from the others here...kinda like working in computers for years and then having a new kid come in with all the latest knowledge of software! This group also inspires me to think in a new way! So, welcome, Edward
Welcome to the community! This are a lot of great people here. You'll find answers to many if not all your questions.

You'll find a lot of info here in the Newb group. But be sure to browse and join other groups as well. There is a fingerstyle group you might want to join since you are interested this style of playing.

See you around the community!
Thanks Edward and John ...
Welcome Tom
This is a great group, ask any questions you may have and you'll be sure to get some excellent advice.



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