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I'm returning to playing after about a 30 years lapse !!    Anyway, I am trying to compare Jamplay and Guitar Tricks.   Right now I am tending toward Guitar Tricks because of the $99/year special and because the lessons are downloadable--which means I could work offline.   I would really LOVE to know if anybody out there is using either of these and what your opinions are.   thanks.

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Hi Sandy,
Like you I returned to the guitar after a 30 year lapse. I signed up with Guitar Tricks about six months ago. Simply becouse at the time they were/are about $5/mth less and you can cancel any time. I like their lessons, they have a huge selection. I do have to confess I don't use them as much as I thought I would. I started the Blues lessons. I tend to jump around learning a little hear and a little there so I find myself spending more time on YouTube. is another very good free lesson source. Currently I'm getting free Blues videos from Marty Schwartz, just search for him on YouTube or

Good luck and enjoy!!

Thanks for the reply Denny. I have enrolled in some group blues lessons and start on Monday--I'm really excited about it. Thanks for the tips on the online lessons. These "old" fingers remind me every day that they have been around for a while, but so far, they are hanging in there!
I just got a Taylor GS Mini--it's quite a change from my basic Yamaha nylon string, but WOW, it is really great. I'm very motivated and playing an hour a day!
I wonder if I would be like you and not use Guitar Tricks as much as I think. But for $99/year--that's only about $8/month--a cup of coffee!! Got to be worth THAT much.
Hi Sandy,
Started learning after turning fifty. Always wanted to play. Purchased Learn & Master Guitar with Steve Krenz, includes 20 DVD "Sessions", 20 "Bonus Workshops" and 5 "Jam Along CD's for $125. So far it is really good, learning a lot of theory and can use with out an internet connection. I also switch over to Justin Sandercoe at, great free site with fun lessons. Let us know what you chose and how you like it.
Good luck and keep it fun,
It's funny--we all seem to be on the same path. I also bought the Learn & Master--it's good, but I seem to get bored pretty easy and want to do different things! I also found Justin's site--it is GREAT. I probably should just settle in for a while and not jump around so much--it's just that the ability to download lessons for later offline is really appealing to me because we go to our cabin most weekends (no internet) and I do a LOT of practising there--so the ability to do the lessons there is really calling me. And that $99/year special right now.......
I'll let you know what I decide. And since we all seem to be of the same "vintage", are you just loving having the time to play? I dropped it so many years ago because of business, kids, etc. etc. and now have the time to really enjoy it and spend some time with it. It's kind of nice that even though the bodies are falling apart, there ARE some good things to being "an oldie but goodie"!!
This site and forum is really great also--lets you know you are not alone.
I am an absolute beginer that started a month ago. I was advised to use and i really like it. What do anyone else think about this site?
I've been teaching guitar for 10+ years and I think is a great site. I would advise a beginner to go through all the lessons there first and then think about subscribing or purchasing online lessons. I also think it would be appropriate to send in a donation or purchase some of his materials if you benefit from the lessons. The lessons are really well done and all free.
Hi donna, yes I plan to send some cash soon. I also want to have a private face to face lesson. Do you or anyone else have a recommendation for a teacher in south jersey
Hello Sandy,
I started learning guitar about a year ago after age 50. As mentioned by others, justinguitar is a great resource. However, nothing beats having a face to face with an accomplished instructor. They will help you focus on what is most important for your style of play and help you fill in the gaps in your learning. They will know you and your ability and be able to suggest new styles and directions that complement your path as a musician.
Additionally, nothing beats playing in front of another to increase your desire to practice and improve.

Best Wishes
I am currently with GT. I like this site but I like the other sites as well. GT has some excellent instructors. Lisa McCormick is my favorite as her lessons are well done and she pretty much likes the kind of music I prefer (acoustic). She has some good DADGAD stuff (Betsy Likens, Shady Grove, etc) if you like the old-time Americana music. There is lots more on this site and well worth the $99/yr as far as I'm concerned. But I am like Denny Baer and like to go to other sites as well. I think they all complement each other and I get something out of all of the sites I visit. Mostly, I go to, and you might even want to check out I haven't ordered anything from this site but it looks good and you can download their music instruction e-books for a reasonable cost. I recently bought a book from Acoustic Guitar called "Fiddle Tunes & Folk Songs." It was only $9.99 and I am having fun with the fingerpicking parts. It's a beginning book and it also has the rhythm accompany part as well. It comes with a CD and not too difficult to play. My main problem seems to be getting up to speed and those songs can go pretty fast. I have also tried Homespun Tapes and they are good also. I have even ordered Susan Palmer's book and this is great for practive. She has a lot of practice exercises in the book which is great. That is one thing most sites don't have enough practice lessons. In summary, GT is just another wounderful way that can help you pick up on your guitar skills so for the price its a good deal. Good luck on your guitar journey.
Wow, thanks for all the wonderful advise. I will definitely check out all the websites recommend. I briefly looked at guitarjamz, but it appeared NOT to be free??
Also, what is Susan Palmer's book?
Yes, I am sorry, you are correct. It is free in that you can get plenty of beginner songs off of the YouTube as Marty puts his videos on the YouTube. That's shat I meant. There is so much free stuff one doesn't have to even subscribe to anything at all. Susan Palmer's book you have to buy but it is only $30. You have to go to YouTube to get the videos so the book and videos work together. There is a CD as well. Tons of practice and Rhythm studies. It is a book I really need to get back to for speeding up my chord changes.It starts really basic teaching the notes on each string first position. At the same time as your are learning the notes it starts to teach you how to read music so you won't be dependent on tablature. It does this by exercises called "Reading Studies." You will need a metronome for this part. At the same time you also learn the rhythm, etc (quarter notes, dotted quarter, etc). There are enough practice exercises you will get it if you stick to it. This book gets pretty in depth as it goes along too. I haven't made it thru the book yet and it is no reflection on the book at all. Learning guitar is hard work and it comes in spurts for me. I need more practice time is all. I will keep at it as I love playing the guitar as a hobby. All in all, that is a great book to have I would say. Oh, yes, I apolgize from getting off of the topic of online guitar lessons in that the "Fiddle Tunes & Folk Songs" has nothing to do with online lessons. I just threw it in because it was a fun book and fairly easy for a beginning guitarist. To get more info about her book just put Susan Palmer in YouTube search and you'll be able to pull up some of her videos and she discusses the book. Hope this helps.


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