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I'm returning to playing after about a 30 years lapse !!    Anyway, I am trying to compare Jamplay and Guitar Tricks.   Right now I am tending toward Guitar Tricks because of the $99/year special and because the lessons are downloadable--which means I could work offline.   I would really LOVE to know if anybody out there is using either of these and what your opinions are.   thanks.

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Do you feel there is anything necessary on GT--I mean that you can't get for free? On the other hand, $99 is a great deal and I'm tempted to do it anyway--the offer is good till Dec 1. There's bound to be that much value there. I am starting an introduction to blues class (group) tomorrow--very excited--but it costs $100 for only 6 -1 hr. lessons. It will be fun to play with other folks--but I hope that I am good enough to keep up with them.
Did you ever take any personal lessons?
No Sandy, I have not taken any personal lessons. With my job I travel all the time so never home for the most part. I probably still wouldn't take private lessons with a teacher because they are so expensive and I would be committed to going to class at a certain time every week or so. Just can't do that every week at the moment. I have had training in music both in school and university. Unfortunately it was playing the clarinet which of course is nothing like the guitar. But I have a pretty good knowledge of music theory and that sort of thing so for me it was just learning how to finger the notes on the guitar "keyboard" and memorizing where all the notes are and how to strum it/patterns; and that kind of thing. Right now I am trying to learn to play in "fifth position." My poor tired brain wants no part of it but I will win in the end. I think if you can afford personal lessons and have the time to keep going, it is always a good thing. Any mistakes can be caught in the berginning. As far as your question goes, I think you could probably get everything for free on the internet but it sure is great to have so much all on one site. I could learn how to play guitar totally by using this site if I had to. I am just of the mindset to think other sites (the free ones, that is) augment my knowledge and I like the variety. I still like GT a lot and use it as they are always adding new tutorials. I like the fact I can contact the instructor with any question and they get back to me on the Forum. Also, if you have a problem with the site they actually have a phone number where you can call someone in addition to an e-mail contact. If nothing else, I believe they have a free trial period or something like that where you can try out some of the lessons. I went on the site tonight and checked out their blues lessons. (I usually just head for the "Acoustic" lessons so not familiar with the blues tutorials much). They have them broken down in Core Level 1 (beginning) and Core Level 2 (accomplished beginner/intermediate). Each level seems to be broken down further into topics of study: Blues Chords, Blues Rhythm, Blues Techniques, Soloing-Scales-Lead, Sample of Regional Styles (Texas blues, delta blues, etc). There's more than one instructor so at first I was having trouble figuring out where to start - but it doesn't take too long to get it. So anyway, thats about it. I can only tell you I feel I have gotten my moneys' worth and then some. It has been a big help to me - but not the only source - for learning guitar. Playing guitar is a fun thing and so I will keep at it. Happy playing to you!
Thanks to all of you for your replies. It is really great to be able to get answers from regular folks who are actually in the same place--trying to learn! Now, if anybody has any suggestions for arthritis (fingers), I would love to hear about that!
I'm leaning toward the GT subscritpion because, like you and probably all of us, having many resources keeps the interest going. I'll keep you posted. Have a great day, and thanks again for taking the time to answer.
I also bought Susan Palmer's book. Haven't got through it yet. I get side tracked to easy. The book comes with a backing track CD. She has her own group right here in Acoustic Guitar Magazine Community:
Thanks for adding that information Denny. That is correct. The book is good but unfortunately I set my own schedule which hasn't been one that moves too fast. Still has tons of information in that little $30 book though and I am glad I bought it.
I tried Susan Palmer's book for the last year with my students - the kids range in age from 9 to 16. It worked great. It's very clear and Susan spent a lot of time on detailing -- something I had not seen before. The kids are reading their first notes really well. It's also an easy book to work with because it's spiral bound, has thick paper, and a large font. The book has turned into my "go to" book for kids to learn and review skills like note reading, chord changing, power chords, barre chords. Susan is working on a Vol. 2 that is going to go deeply into the CAGED system. I'm really looking forward to it. I highly recommend it.
another one that is semi decent is @


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