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Hi everybody,
Don`t forget Michael his book mentioned in the title above one can find many keys for revolutionary open tunings..., there are also free links in the net ...and all the other guitarheroes...

Would be nice to start a discussion about him


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Michael could truly turn the guitar into a miniature orchestra as Beethovan so aptly described our instrument.
Great book. I especially like the bio and stuff in the beginning.

One thing that i see different about Hedges is that from what i have read his tunings were informed by his compositions. So he would actually write his pieces out on paper, then figure out what tuning would be needed to play that given composition. To me that is a very distinct process from putting your guitar in a random weird tuning and seeing what your fingers can come up with.

I remember when a buddy of mine came back from Colorado and introduced me to Michael H. I have not read this book , although I have seen it. I would like to pick up a copy someday. Not sure I could dedicate the time to learn any of his pieces but I take from Michael the spirit he put into his pieces and his compositions.

Anton, I am amazed that he would write the pieces out first and choose his tunings and work his piece out. That process is so foreign to me. It adds another layer to what a genius he was.

Generally I start out with a very strong distinct feeling and the melodies come to me and work it out from there.

I enjoy learning the processes of others. It adds to my enjoyment of the instrument.
The impression I got from Michael goes in another direction towards composing /tuning..
Michael Hedges told us in his book that every guitar could inspire yourself in a different way of tuning and to develop its best sound ......I think he was free and unlimitied in his mind and there was no borderline for him to develop anarchistic tunings....the way he composes was not the theoretical mathematic brain directed way as the classical school teaches....
he told us..: find a tune/chord and rhythm that is directed by the 5 th Chakra..and then aktivate the upper chakras to fill it up with melodies and soul.....I think this way round is more Michal Hedges writing down the notes and then construct his tunings.......cause it lasts years since there were notes of his compositions ... not done by Michael..but from his friend and co-author of his book...

Spirit and heartfelt energy, meditation and freedom of mind are the keys to to Michael Hedges way.....
One of his bass players, Michael Mannring stopped by the Kyser booth at Winter NAMM Show and played with Kyser K-Lever Partial capos and left with a set of four. He is working on new compositions with them at this time. That's right, on a four string electric bass guitar. Greg


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