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Hi -- I'm looking at changing/upgrading our little travel guitar this summer.

I currently have an 11-yr-old Baby Taylor whose neck shape has never made me happy.

I'd love to find a Tacoma Papoose but they're tough to find anymore.

Second choice is looking like the Alvarez MSD1 (or the newer MSD610) w/spruce top and mahogany sides/back. 

Anyone here have experience with this mini guitar? Playability? Neck shape? Intonation? Decent bang-for-buck?


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Update: Thanks to some careful scouring on the internet, I was able to purchase a refurbished 610 for less than half of new. It arrived yesterday and it plays beautifully. Neck shape is SO much more comfortable for me than the Baby Taylor, which has been relegated to "camping guitar" status. This one will see lots of use in the classroom, especially with the Pre-K crowd. Truly lovely guitar for the money and once again Alvarez comes through.


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