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I live in Moraga (East Bay between Oakland and Walnut Creek) and would like to have one of my guitars adjusted/set up. I just had a couple done at Sylvan, because I was in Watsonville for something else, and Al did a great job, but he certainly is not handy.

I know Gryphon does a good job, but that, too, is an hour away. Suggestions for a good set up in the East Bay (or SF near the BART)?

Thanks for your help.

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There's a guy that works out of Guitar Heaven in Pleasant Hill that does good work. He did a refret on my friend's guitar about a year ago and did a good job. Just can't remember his name. If I come across his business card, I'll get back.
Thanks Cheryl.
Hey Forrest,

Gryphon does do a good job. In SF, San Francisco Guitar Works does good work, too. 16th st, BART, then walk or take the 22 bus. Not sure if it's cheaper than Gryphon but Geoff at sf guitar works did a great job on a full refret on my Gibson. That was some years ago. recently I took that guitar to Schoenburg in Sausilito because I had heard from Stevie Coyle that they do really excellent set-ups for fingerstyle players. For 50 bucks, it has to be the best set-up I've ever had. The technician at Schoenburg really goes into detail on fine tuning a set-up. Plus it's worth the trip just to see all the amazing, rare vintage and new fingerstyle guitars they have in the shop.

If you do go to either of these shops, definitely tell 'em I sent you. thanks, Mokai
Thanks Mokai!
Truly the best neck fret set-up is the Plek CNC machine set-up in San Francisco - Gary Brawer guitar repair. Human hands cannot produce the accuracy of this machine - absolutely amazing! Highly recommended......
Thanks Mike.

Are these any closer to you??


 Lewis Santer
Oakland, California

510-364-1112 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            510-364-1112      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

BJR Guitars & Services

1250 Contra Costa Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Benny Rodriguez,             


Thanks, Lewis.  They are pretty close.
If you are looking for the best, go to Gary Brawer on Lafayette off Mission in SF and get your neck work done on a CNC machine called a PLEK. These guys are the best and your guitar will be better than any human hand could accomplish. I have had all 3 of my main guitars done there and it is by far the best set-up job I have ever experienced. Highly recommended, and the price is not much more than anybody else!
Thanks Mike.


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