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I was wondering if any central Ohio players are getting or would like together
I am new to this since April 09 Learning and practicing

I am the only one I know as of now who plays if you call it that

Just tossing it out there

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I have only been playing for a couple of years. I started playing after a heart attack and and have had a hard time with short term memory loss thanks to a combination of the pills I have to take now. I live in Obetz if that is close to you? I take lessons and have wanted to try playing with others since going to bluegrass festivals and having a lots of fun.
have been taking lessons since April 09 over in Westerville
My trouble is none of my friends play an instrument
Recently I have been learning the Bluegrass jam thing
I also purchase a Jam along video recently

I joined Central Ohio Bluegrass Association
The club has a meeting the first Saturday of the month in Westerville
With an open jam at 5 - 6 then 2 bands after that
A couple of local coffee shops have been doing some jams

I am always looking for music to check out
I have been looking into this jam camp in NC for a few days then Merle fest the end of the week

I have been really practicing my cords and rhythm I would love to get into some jams
as of now I go a watch and learn
Byrnes Pub in Grandview does a Friday night bluegrass show. Always packed and you got get there early to have any chance of finding someplace in the same zip code to park. It is just a block away from Thirsty Ear that has open mic nights so plenty going on in Grandview. Open mic nights on Saturday right dowtown on Mound st right by Mound & High St. Let me know if you want to hit one of them some night. I have been wanting to join the Bluegrass Association for a while but just not taken the time to get all the way up to Sunbury on a Saturday night. Is the March meeting on the 6th? If so that may be my chance.
COBA is in Westerville now --- Even Closer
It on the website
I am headed there Saturday the 6th come on up there

Westerville Genoa Middle School (MAP)
5948 S. Old 3-C Highway
Westerville, Ohio 43081
meetings are held in the cafeteria

I would not mind checking out any of those other place

You taking your guitar to jam? I will be in Westerville tomorrow helping a friend and that sounds like fun. I got to go see Yonder Mountian String Band at the LC a couple weeks ago and they were great and packed the place so I got a fix of winter bluegrass and looking foward to more.
I ca n toss it in the truck I have not jammed with any body outside of my lessons
I can see how patient people are


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