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O.K. been to many guitar shops, but not a lot here in Ohio. Wildwood in Coshocton(Dan and Marty make you feel at home). Woodsy's in Kent reasonable selection, poor service, arrogant help. German Village string shop in Columbus, nice folks, not a bad selection. Any other shops out there?

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Richard, Wildwood is the best that I know of. Jim
James thank you Wildwood is great, Dan and Marty are class people, great prices and wonderful guitars. Thanks again
I agree with everyone out there who's recomended Wildwood Music in Roscoe Village in Coshocton, OH. Great people selection and prices!
Woodsy's Music in Kent is one of the best for selection. Also Jon Mosey, one of the best ragtime pickers in the area, teaches there.
Heights Guitar in Cleveland Heights is also very good. A great place for vintage instruments and he is a Larrive dealer. He does a very good job at set ups as well.
My favorite for finding super great deals and laid back atmosphere, is Timeless Guitars in Parma. You have to check this place out. It's all used gear. Upstairs is all electric, and downstairs is all acoustic. You can find some real gems there for very good prices. If you want a guitar you won't be afraid to take camping, he's got those too. Clyde is very laid back and nice to deal with.
The Bluegrass Musicians Supply at 1370 S High in Columbus is the oldest Martin Guitar dealer in Columbus. Complete stringed bluegrass instrument inventory, CD's And what I love is parts to build or rebuild anything acoustic. Everybody that works there is a musician and they have the best Saturday morning open jam every week right there at the store.
Those guys over there At B M S seem nice I first visited the store lat October 09
I have purchased a few cds from them
The open Jam is great I just wish I could play good enough to join in
At least I can listen and go ho home and practice I have been taking Lessons since April 09
main avenue music in ashtabula isn't a bad place he's only been there a couple years and the place is pretty nice he just got done putting in a recording studio in the basement . his rates are very reasonable 40 bucks an hr in it's a pretty decent one i hope the guy does good , if you go there the service is good the people arn't stuck on theirselves and they'' help as much they can


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