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There are many ways to learn about using SONAR.  First time users should go through the ten tutorials found in the User's Guide that either came as a printed book or is available on the software CD/DVD in the docs folder.  This is enough to get started.  Additional recommended reading/reference is the SONAR Power! book by Scott R. Garrigus who has authored these books since the first version.  The Power! book provides a lot of good info on setting up file locations, performance tips, how-tos and feature walk throughs.

A recent addtional by Cakewalk has been the CakeTV website which is the portal to SONAR University.  SONARU has three levels of learning

  • Get Started: helpful videos and tutorials covering the basics
  • Go Deeper: in-depth functionality on a particular feature
  • Master Class: an entire workflow where multiple features are interconnected

This is a great way to dig into the interface and features through video.  Even better if you have dual-screens where you can watch on one screen and do on the other!

I'll list one more resource for now.  This is a Yahoo mailing list called Cakewalk ProAudio and is moderately active and well moderated.  Scott R. Garrigus frequently replies to questions posted.

Feel free to add additional resources you've found helpful!



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This is great information.  Thanks so much, John -



If I may I would like to add to what you have said and said well.  One additional source of info I personally found to be of great help are the Cakewalk forums. I have not gone there for a year or so but over the years I have found them to be quite active and full of people who have had the same question and problems I have along with many willing to respond. There always used to be company reps who monitered things as well and would give guidence on tough questions.


The cake walk power book is very beninficial and updated for every new version


Don't forget Cakewalk TV and Sonar University.

Go Deeper

Master Class

Thanks for the additional links!


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