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Let's all give our opinions here...I am sure we have as many favorites as there are models to choose from out there...and I am sure we have tried one or two that fell short of our expectations!

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Does anyone have an opinion on the "GLIDER," the rolling capo (  You put it on our guitar and can roll it across the fretboard, to any fret, without having to take it off.

Hi Michael,

I started this group so you know I have an affection for capos, but I haven't seen or tried a glider...yet!  It will interesting to see what responses you get!  Edward

I just got one.  Obviously, the video on it shows how easy it is to nust move it from fret to frat, as you play, by just using your left hand and reaching under the neck and rolling the GLIDER along.


I'm having a little trouble, but that could be that it's new & I really haven't experimented with it yet.


I have a super jumbo guitar and it's really hard to move it past the fifth fret.  That maybe because of my lack of experience with it.


But, in theory, it is great because you don't have to take it off and move it by hand from fret to fret.

I have found that spring type capos like Keyser or Dunlop seem to pull my guitars out of tune.  They push the strings right down to the fret board and stretch the strings.  I prefer an adjustable capo that can be tightened only till the buzzing stops.  A Shubb or Paige seem to do the trick for me.  As I stated elswhere in this group, I never play with a capo or tuner clamped to the headstock, so that doesn't enter into my choice of capos.


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