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  Dear friends,

  Just to let you know I'll be starting next February 5, at bar Anos 60, in Lisboa (Portugal).

  I'll be talking a little bit more with you, asking for advice and let you know about my song list.

  I'm very excited about it, hope it will be the first of a regular presence there, to play in public.

  All the best,

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Hey that's great. Have a good time with it and you'll be fine.
Best of luck Antonio. Most of all, have fun. Mark
Hey Antonio, that's excellent news! Be assured that all of us will be rooting for you from out here in cyberspace. Please post more here about how it goes...we really want to know. Also, be so kind to let us know what works for you, and what doesn't. Have someone take pictures and post them will make it more real for us who can't attend.
Know that we share in your excitement!
Communicate with your audience, tell them a little bit about the tune you are playing, I am fascinated with your selection of music My blue ridge mountain home, railroad bill you are a true folk musician sharing the idiom with the style you play to new audiences your music is instantly recognizable yet unique to your style of playing share love communicate the time will fly and be fearless if you love it play it and your audience will love it as well let them know why you are doing a piece and always thank them for listening be sincere in your effort to entertain them and be true to yourself I am glad to know that you have found success in whatever form just being able to play is sucess in itself ENJOY stay in touch!
Good luck Antonio! We know you are going to do just fine. Heck....look at all the fine advice you have!! ; )


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