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What songs are you working on?

I read the group page and see that pro's, semi-pro's, talented players, and more novice players subscibe to this group. I am curious to hear what music others are working on.

I find myself at a stage were I am working on both songs and trying to figure out how to sing along. The singing, for me, will be harder than learning to play the guitar.

All the best, Eric -

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Hi SBG. Weeping Willow is such a great song. I have been working on it for a while now and there's a bit right at the end of the measure that I can never get to sit right when I practice it at home. I did a gig in a little bar a while ago and after having a beer or two thought"what the hell, I'll give it a go". Normally this would have been a testament to the evils of drink, but maybe I was just relaxed enough because for the first time it all came out fine ( well, good enough for me anyway). Also good to hear someone playing Blind Lemon Jefferson. Good luck.
HI Eric, I'm new to the group, and maybe I mis-understood what country blues means...but, I'm a long time player...A Chet channeler, but I do a lot of blues fingerstyle certainly bent toward country I dunno? I have a nice original Chet Style tune that I'm working on and will record soon. But I've been fussing around with the Beatles song, "Since I saw her standing there"...having some's got a great driving bass line in a simple E7-A7-B7 progression, but I'm trying to play it all solo fingerstyle...perhaps a fools errand, but I'm about to embark on a measure by measure analysis to see if it's possible to do at all. So we'll's going to be a task! Thanks, Bob Quinn
With regard to wife hardly ever complained about my guitar picking....and when she does it's when she is trying to watch TV. However, when I first tried singing I would get a severe "DON'T SING!" every time.
After gaining more experience in bluegrass and blues jams, singing is a little easier. It takes a lot of practice.

Blues versions I'm working on at the moment are:
D. Bromberg's "Delia"
R. Bookbinder's "Hesitation Blues" - not quite the same as Jorma's version
D. Van Ronk's "Midnight Hour" and "Candy Man"
I've found working on more than one song at a time works best for me. When I tire of one, I've got plenty to work on!

I'm working on Mississippi John Hurt's version of "Spike Driver Blues" at the moment. The really tricky part for me is singing along with it...sounds pretty messy at the moment! Well, practice makes perfect I guess. After this one, I might try out a few other of MJH's great fingerpicking tunes, and then get the slide out and try "Death Letter Blues" by Son House.


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