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Gerry here, UK, i've recently bought an Epiphone Dove, gorgeous to look at but more importantly sounds great, the poor man's Gibson i call it, lol, could'nt believe the action when i first checked it out, very few come with a perfect action in my opinion, Freshman are another guitar that comes with great action right off the hanger, but we're here to discuss Epiphone.

I'd looked at them for sometime and could'nt make up my mind and started looking at Takamine and others, i finally decided that i did'nt have to spend a fortune to obtain a really good sounding guitar and quite honestly i could'nt justify the cost of a pricey Martin or similar at this juncture, maybe in the future.

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Gerrard, Good for you!  Glad you are liking some pictures for us!  Thanks, Edward
Thank you Edward, and i'll post some asap

Yep they are pretty and sound great, I've looked at the Dove, and the Epi Hummingbird as well on several occasions.


Enjoy it, and savor the savings, nothing beats connecting with the guitar.




Thanks Gary, I looked at the Hummingbird as well and couldnt make my mind up straight away so pondered the choice for a while, .......the Dove won, lol

I had a 1974 Gibson Dove for sale a year or so ago and someone I met in this community bought it...he loves it!

I actually liked it better than the Hummingbird. It was in perfect condition, one owner, original case. Here is the picture I posted to sell it. Edward


Wow!!!!!, Edward, the guy that bought it sure is one lucky player, it's beautiful, why'd you sell it, i'll bet it sounded sweet,..... i'm drooling, lol

Actually it's a sad story...It belonged to a friend of mine who developed a brain tumor and it eventually rendered her unable to play it. She was the original owner from the 70's and really loved it.  She had some nerve damage that weakened arms and she asked me to have it set up do it was really easy to play, extra light strings and low action.  I didn't have to worry about her playing it hard enough to make the strings buzz.   Then a year or so later, she developed a brain tumor that pretty much kept her from being able to play.  She asked me to help her sell it and so I did. It just killed her to know it was sitting inside it's case in a closet and not being played!  The guy who bought it is in this community.  I was glad to be a part of connecting these two people.  The exchanged emails a few time s about it and she was happy to see it go to a player who loves it!  Edward

Craig Fox from New York

Hi Gerry,

Sounds nice, my son-in law has a lovely Epi Hummingbird that he bought about 10 yrs ago, it also looks real nice, easy play, tone is just great.  It's a fine guitar and with a service, re-fret etc it will still be a fine guitar for the grandsons when they come along.  Like you, Epi are just fine for me, but maybe in the future (when I grow up !!! and can play !!!), who knows, might be lured to a gibson.

I'm a recent member of the forum, so good to see the diversity of members, I'm a brit migrated to oz yrs ago, but still keen to travel the US (when retire) and 'soak' up some of that fine american acoustic guitar culture.    All the best, Mike Cee


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