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Hi Gary, nothing to do with guitars this time, i see you've had bypass surgery, me too, a tripple in Oct 2009, hope you're still feeling good, all the best.  

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Hi Gerry;


Yes I had 5 in 2005 and I'm doing great. The Lord granted me more years than I deserve and I try to eat right (for the most part), get a little exercise and play the guitar a lot.


Hope you're doing well too!


Guitars = Good for the heart and soul.



Thanks for asking.


Well off to church.



Welcome to the zipper club, I had a triple in 2000. One of my good friends is in now, same thing.

I wish him well Rick and glad you're doing ok too, i'm fine thanks guys but i think my job is just a little too much now but, onwards and upwards.

Now as it's a guitar page and not an out patients department, lol, i'm thinking of buying an Epiphone EL OO BUT! i'm torn between that and the Yamaha equivalent , the FS720 S as i have a Yamaha at the moment alongside my Epiphone Dove, an FG700MS a really nice guitar, so, any thoughts anyone.

Cheers, Gerry

Thanks Rick, never heard it called the zipper club, but I can see why!



How do you like that Taylor 12 string you have? They sure look like sweet guitars, never heard one though.






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