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Just picked up a Fender DG-14 SCE TF I found on Craigslist. Guy was moving to New York and had to sell by Monday. It is 3 years old and only been played tow or three times and stored in the case the rest of the time. Sounds great. Paid $140.00.

I'm thrilled, so Happy Birthday to me :)

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Sounds great, have fun with it, and posts a photo of it!

Here are a couple of pictures


Welcome to the group Andy. I just did a search and it seems like you've got yourself a good deal there. I hope it gives you many years of happy playing.

And Happy belated Birthday!



Looks nice, I like the neck compared to my ebonised rosewood- yours looks more natural. Also I googled yours and I see its a solid spruce top- I didnt realise DG series had models with solid tops!

Yes the solid top really adds to the sound quality.


Maybe when I learn to play a litlle better I'll put up a recodring so you can hear how it sounds.

New amp arrived today: Behringer AT108 15w. Sounds pretty great for a practice amp.


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